MIUI 12: New Improved Reading Mode Discovered in Beta

The so-called Reading Mode is present in many mobiles such as OnePlus or Huawei terminals. Xiaomi also has this function, which is dedicated to those inveterate readers who use their mobile phones to spend several hours a day, reviewing the press or reading electronic books. All this exposure to screen light could have a cost for our eyesight, and hence these modes are constantly being improved, as Xiaomi is preparing for MIUII 12.

MIUI 12: New Improved Reading Mode Discovered

Xiaomi is gradually imputing the stable version of MIU12 on their mobiles. At the moment it is coming to the most modern models on the market, but it is expected that it will end up in dozens of mobiles including those of entry-level or with several years in the market. Meanwhile, the Chinese company continues to shape different beta versions of MIUI 12 in order to implement innovations that have not come in time, or because they were proposed to be implemented later.

New “Paper” mode

One of the most interesting and that we have just discovered, has as its protagonist the Reading Mode. On this occasion, and as is usually the case when it comes to diving in the code of different software, it has been a user of the XDA forums who has discovered a new reading mode that can activate a texture that will imitate the paper on the screen. This will help further reduce eyestrain compared to the usual standard mode or night mode.

modo paper miui 12

The function has been discovered in the MIUI 12 beta ROM code. Activating “Paper” in the Xiaomi Reading Mode settings will allow you to simulate a paper effect, with a thick texture and more on-screen elements that will make it look like a electronic ink screen. Unfortunately, the feature is not yet active in order to see the results, but the Chinese company is expected to activate it in the near future. The developer has done the test with several devices but has not been able to activate them in any of them, so we will have to wait for a move from Xiaomi in this regard.

Also color options

In addition, other features have also been discovered that will affect display settings. In future MIUI 12 updates, the user will be able to choose between three types of color on the screen: Full colors, light colors or black and white, functions that are also disabled at the moment.