MIUI 12 Battery Problems on the Xiaomi Mi 9T: Possible Solution

A couple of months ago, the MIU I12 update reached a mobile as sold as the Xiaomi Mi 9T. Unfortunately, from the same day of the update, different failures in the smartphone began to be discovered, related to the battery life.

MIUI 12 Battery Problems Xiaomi Mi 9T

The failure began to be detected in the EMUI 12.0.2 version , which had different errors in the “Android system” that implied that the power of the phone was discharging much faster than normal. Then the battery was discharged at a rate of 10% in 10 minutes and the solution found was to use Xiaomi’s security tool to optimize the system, restrict the use of apps in the background and disable the digital well-being tools until the arrival of MIUI 12 12.0.3.

However, despite the installation of successive updates, the problem continues to affect the Xiaomi Mi 9T, as this thread from the Xiaomi support center demonstrates.

Does anyone know if Xiaomi is going to react to the battery problem on miui 12
If I don’t have the battery saver on, I don’t get to 8 hours a day. It’s horrible in a word


For me it is horrible after the update. Before it was very easy to get to 2 days. Now I get to 1 day at most and that without using things like the camera or the battery saver.


I have a problem with the percentages of the battery, sometimes it stays in a certain percentage for a long time and sometimes it goes down very quickly. I also have a Xiaomi Mi 9T

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Temporary solutions, for now

Some users have raised a series of tricks to save battery in MIUI but, really, they are not very different from what was seen in previous versions of the operating system.

The key seems to be, after receiving the latest update, do a factory reset, saving all the photos, music, documents, etc. beforehand. Once the process is finished, to solve the battery problem in the Xiaomi mobile you have to leave it charging for 3 to 4 hours without using it. Once the smartphone is restored, you must configure the closing of apps in the background.

To do this, open the security app, select Battery and Performance and choose Battery Saver in Applications. Once here, select the apps you want and select Restrict background activity for all those applications that you don’t use normally.

According to users who have gone through this process, battery consumption is reduced, although it is not the same as with previous versions of MIUI .

However, users continue to clamor for a solution by Xiaomi that prevents them from having to return their mobile to its original state, with all that this entails.