Minecraft: What is a Modpack and How to Install

Minecraft was a before and after in the construction games in the open world. And although he has been among us since 2011, he still has a real legion of followers willing to create his world during the day and protect it from creepers at nightfall. Although if we think about it coldly ... when was the last time you played Minecraft?

Although the Mojang game offers unlimited creativity, nowadays its playability can be a bit decaffeinated compared to some of the alternatives we find in the market. However, Minecraft has an ace in the manga that the most hardcore fans of the title always have in mind: the modpacks.

Minecraft Mods
Minecraft Mods

What is a Modpack for Minecraft?

The modpacks or mods for Minecraft modifications are created by users and fans of the game that add new features to this already if eternal game. Thanks to the mods we can turn a game of Minecraft into a totally different experience, adding for example a story, missions, trophies, functions or new game modes.

So, and thanks to a mod you can, for example, convert a normal game of Minecraft into a fantasy title in the style of Dragons and Dungeons or if you prefer, in a farm simulator similar to Stardew Valley. The possibilities are endless, everything depends on the skill and patience of the creator of the mod.

How can I download and install the mods?

Logically, to use Minecraft modpacks you will first need to have the game installed. Although there are many versions of the game for different platforms (PC, mobile, Xbox 360 / One, PS3, PS4, etc.), the easiest way to use them is with its desktop version. That is why if you want to use these mods, we recommend downloading and installing the PC game.

With Minecraft installed, you only have to download the mods for the game. The easiest and safest method to install them is to use some of the apps that include the modpacks installation service for Minecraft. The most used of the moment are the following:


  • Twitch
  • FTB Launcher
  • Minecraft forge

 Download mods from the Twitch app

If you want to download and use the mods directly from the application, we recommend that you use the Twitch app. This allows to play its normal version (vanilla Minecraft) as a completely modified. To do this you simply need to access the Minecraft section of the application, create a modified game session (Create Custom Profile) and then search for that profile within the app.

Once you have found it, click on the “View Profile” or “View Profile” button and within the “Installed Mods” section click on the “Get Mods” button. Now you simply have to find the mods you want to add to the game, download them and start playing.

Although Twitch is a comfortable option, for many users it may not be useful as much of these mods will disappear at the end of October 31 of this year. If there is one you want to play and has been removed from Twitch, it is better to opt for one of the two alternatives.

Download mods from FTB Launcher or Minecraft Forge

If you want more freedom in both downloading and installing modpacks for Minecraft, we recommend that you use both Minecraft Forge and FTB (Feed the Beast) launchers. Using them is really simple, you will simply need to download the application, the mods and start the program.

From this you can select the mods of the game you want to load and enjoy Minecraft like never before. If you have problems when using them, do not worry, we have a detailed article that will guide you throughout the process.