Microsoft Uses Azure Defender to Protect IoT Devices

The devices of the Internet of Things are more and more present among users. There are many devices connected to the network that we have in our home. We are talking, for example, of televisions, smart light bulbs, video players … All these devices can be vulnerable and need to be properly protected. In this article we echo a new tool presented by Microsoft to protect IoT devices .

Microsoft launches a tool to protect the Internet of Things

We can count on many security programs to protect our equipment. Many types of antivirus and other tools that in one way or another help us avoid threats that could compromise us. Now, it is a reality that IoT devices have not always been well protected. There are many uncorrected vulnerabilities and security measures are bypassed by users themselves.

Microsoft Uses Azure Defender to Protect IoT Devices

Now Microsoft has announced that Azure Defender is going to be available for IoT devices. It is a very interesting solution to help protect against threats that damage this type of equipment. It integrates with Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel, as well as other third-party tools.

It focuses on providing security monitoring for specialized device types and applications, as well as specialized industrial protocols. All this within what is known as the Internet of Things.

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Detect IoT devices at risk, the main objective

What it does is add visibility to poorly configured, unmanaged, and unpatched IoT devices. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to abuse them to sneak onto networks.

Alerts sent by Azure Defender for IoT to Azure Sentinel are triggered by analytics detection engines with the aim of detecting threats and solving possible incidents.

These alerts cover a wide range of incidents. They are based on real-time traffic analysis . It can detect unauthorized and network connected devices, unauthorized internet connection, remote access, network scan operation, PLC programming, changes in firmware versions, errors in different requests and operations, known malware (such as EternalBlue or WannaCry) or authentication error.

Ultimately, Microsoft, through Azure Defender, will provide greater security to IoT devices . The goal is that there are no problems that can affect users, the way in which they can function properly.

As we say, there are many threats that can affect our computers and compromise privacy and security in one way or another. For this reason, it is essential to have programs installed that protect us, as well as to keep the equipment correctly updated. Common sense is also very important. There are many occasions when attackers require user interaction.