Microsoft Teams or Slack, which one to choose in our work?

Microsoft Teams or Slack

One of the key sections of the Internet is the possibility of collaboration. And it is no longer necessary to have the same work team in the same room with computers connected to each other to have to communicate with each other. This is something that has become even more important since the appearance of COVID-19 and the proliferation of remote work. For this reason, collaboration platforms and chat tools have become almost essential.

Within the wide range of applications that we can find, two of the most important are Microsoft Teams and Slack , each with its peculiarities and advantages, which will make us lean towards one or the other depending on our needs. Both have been developed as communication platforms, so it is important to know when and what situations are appropriate to use one or the other.

Slack, the power of a powerful interface

It is an application especially known within the business world, especially used internally by employees within the same organization. It is quite useful when organizing work through its communication in real time. The user experience will vary if we opt for its free feature or the paid version. In the case of small organizations, the free version may be sufficient since it allows you to use text chat, as well as create and manage several channels simultaneously.


One particularly noteworthy aspect is its beautiful interface . This one is clean, visually appealing and well organized, with all channels and messages well organized. From it we can make talks on public or private channels or direct messages with other participants. Where it falters especially is in terms of video calls, since in the free version we will not be able to use them.

This is especially problematic in case we need them because their paid versions are not economical , so they are intended for use in large organizations, which require to exploit all their functionalities to the maximum.

Teams, Microsoft’s big bet

Teams has become the great bet as a communication and collaboration platform by Microsoft. With it, as in Slack, we can create real-time workspaces through chats, organized by channels. Although in this aspect, the Teams interface fails to keep up with Slack, since it is not as attractive or has the same organizational capacity.

Interfaz Microsoft Teams

This application is characterized by being integrated within Microsoft 365, so it is ideal if our organization subscribes to it. This will not make it easy to share documents, calls and meetings both audio and video with up to 300 people simultaneously, as well as streaming events, something that Slack lacks.

The Teams communication platform has another important advantage, as it allows free calls for 60 minutes , something that we cannot find in Slack. That is why if this is something fundamental for our work, it should be the point that decays the use of Teams over Slack. On the contrary, collaboration with external teams is more limited in Themes than in Slack, since it has a limit of five users, even in its paid plans. While Slack allows unlimited external collaboration as long as we access its different payment plans.