Microsoft changes Windows updates, to make them better?

Microsoft‘s operating system updates are a mess, creating a huge amount of problems. Apparently, the company is working on changes to how minor updates work. According to the company, they will reduce download times for updates by 30% thanks to some operational changes.

Lately, we are seeing that each update that is released brings a new problem. Most of all, we are seeing that Windows 11 updates are a disaster, causing a lot of problems. The most recent is that a watermark appears in W11 indicating that our computer does not meet the requirements of the operating system, even if it is false.

Microsoft changes Windows updates

Changes in the deployment of Windows updates

The update policies are not changed, which, for the moment, will continue to be a major disaster. Remember that currently updates are tested by Insiders members. A group of “betatesters” of Microsoft updates that are normally ignored.

The use of the Unified Update Platform (UUP) has been announced by Microsoft. The first local update for UUP will be deployed on March 28. They emphasize from the company that the UUP update allows to reduce the download time by 30% . This means a reduction in the update time.

Additionally, it is noted that the UUP method will also apply to .NET updates. It will make this mechanism allow for faster installation of the .NET Framework.

sistema operativo Windows 11

We’ve switched to using Unified Update Platform (UUP) push for updates to the .NET Framework. Users of Win11 version 22H2 feature updates can automatically ensure that their .NET Framework is up to date via Windows Update. This means one less reboot.

By switching to push via UUP, users can further control optional updates. Another benefit of the UUP approach is that users have control over preview and optional updates to the .NET Framework.

Users can now find the next optional update to the .NET Framework for Windows 11 version 22H2 on the Settings > Windows Update > Advanced > Optional updates page.

Before this change, you might have checked for updates by clicking the Check for updates button on the Settings > Windows Update page. This will automatically install the .NET Framework preview update and cause your device to reboot. This enhancement provides greater visibility and control over the adoption of the latest optional preview updates to the .NET Framework.

Anton Fontanov, Miocrosoft Project Manager on the Microsoft Tech Community blog

Download time will not fix problems

Microsoft has been away from the needs and demands of users for a long time. This is verified with Windows 11, an operating system that “forces” many users to update their computers due to absurd requirements. On the other hand, note that this latest operating system is designed specifically for Intel processors, denigrating AMD users.

The great luck that Microsoft has is that Linux is not in competition, at least for now. It is possible that one day Linux distributions could end up being a rival, if Android is to be taken note of. Some changes are needed to make it more user friendly and easy to use. If that point were to be reached, Microsoft would be in serious trouble.