Integrated Battery Cases for iPhone 12 at Amazon

The battery is always one of the points that most concern users. Running out of battery at the worst time is not a pleasant thing, but it happens a lot. It is true that the iPhone 12 have not improved practically anything in terms of autonomy, compared to the iPhone 11. It is one of the pending subjects of the firm and one of the expected improvements for the next iPhone 13. Meanwhile, it can be good take a look at several of the most interesting cases with integrated battery, that we found for the iPhone 12.

The battery cases with an idea solution when we know that we do not reach the end of the day . Apple offers this type of accessories, compatible with various models. But if we take a look at Amazon, we find some very interesting compatible with all iPhone 12 models. As we will see below, we must be clear that they are compatible with new iPhone 12, since depending on the screen size they are more or less large.

NEWDERY 4,700 mAh for iPhone 12 Mini

This battery case gives another 4,700 mAh to the iPhone 12 Mini, and it also has protection against scratches and scratches. It also has safety elements to avoid overheating or overloading. It also has an LED to indicate the remaining battery level. Its price is 35.99 euros.


Huije 5,200 mAh Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Up a notch in “milliamps”, we have this 5,200 mAh case, which also supports using the headphones while charging the iPhone without removing the battery case. It also has an LED to control the power level 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. In this case, the price is 36.66 euros.

Huije Carcasa 5200 mah iphone 12 mini

6,800 mAh Battery Case for iPhone 12 / Pro

The good news is that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have the same screen size. This means that battery cases are compatible for both models. In this case, we have a large 6,800 mAh battery, which offers a slim design and also has a charging led. It is also protected against overheating and short circuits and is also compatible with headphones.

funda batería iPhone 12 Pro 6800mAh

4,800 mAh case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

The big Apple has the biggest battery, but it is not without its need for a few extra milliamps. In this case, we find a case with an integrated 4,800 mAh battery, which is priced at 35.99 euros. Also, it supports wireless charging with any Qi wireless charging pad that has at least 5W of power.

NEWDERY 4800mAh para el iphone 12 pro max

HiKiNS Case with 6,800 mAh for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Going up a notch and to avoid problems, this Hikins case with 6,800 mAh can be the definitive solution. In this case, the case has a restrained design so as not to sacrifice too much thickness and weight. It has four LEDs to control the charge level and supports wireless charging. Its price is 35.99 euros.

HiKiNS funda con 6.800 mAh para el iPhone 12 Pro Max