How to Measure Vibrations and Tremors with the Mobile Phone

A few months ago we knew that Xiaomi mobiles had added a native function to their MIUI software layer to be able to receive alerts of possible tremors. Although the method has nothing to do with your mobile you can also measure these tremors easily, thanks to an app that makes it a seismograph to measure vibrations with the mobile.

Although most of our country is not given to tremors of great magnitude, we all sadly remember the last major earthquake in Lorca, in 2011. It is clear that no one is exempt from suffering one of these episodes at some time.


An app to measure vibrations with the mobile

Thanks to the fact that today our mobiles are like authentic Swiss technological knives, we can enjoy a multitude of utilities in them thanks to different apps. We can even turn our mobile phone into a seismograph so we can turn it into a somewhat more important tremor detector. Obviously, we are not talking about a tool with precision such as that used by professionals to even predict the arrival of an earthquake in minutes, but it is certainly an excellent help for certain situations in which we may want to measure these vibrations.

medir vibraciones movil For this there is an app that is practically the best we can find on Android, and has been designed so that the phone’s sensors and the algorithms of the app are able to detect these vibrations to interpret them when necessary in case they were the indicator of something more serious. This app is called a seismometer and vibrometer and we can download it from the Google Play Store. We also have in the iOS App Store a similar call Seismograph – Sismo Detector. In both cases we have what we can expect from a seismograph in its most basic version logically.

Download seismometer and vibrometer for Android Download Seismograph and Sismo Detector for iOS

But as you can see, with these apps we can easily see on the phone if there is any vibration around us, and if it increases its intensity at some point. This app allows us to track the vibrations that are occurring in our area, and to detect some tremors of some importance, which perhaps we would not be able to appreciate.

medir vibraciones movil

In these apps the measured values are governed by the Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) scale. In the event that we understand that the measurement is not accurate enough we can choose to calibrate the app. The results of these apps should only be taken as references, because of course each mobile can have a different sensitivity to movement.