Maximizing Battery Life on iOS 17: A Guide to Disabling Battery-Draining Settings

The newest update to iOS 17 brings in a lot of exciting changes that overhaul the user experience, enriching iPhone users with all-new features such as lock screen widgets and keyboard haptic feedback. While they really do help with the accessibility of the information and typing of the text, these features also lead to fast battery drain.

Here is how you can control those settings to preserve your iPhone’s battery.

iphone battery settings

Widgets on the Lock Screen:

A Double-Edged Sword Lock screen widgets, among the main highlights in iOS 17, are said to allow a user to access almost any important information right from the home screen. But then, this convenience comes with its own Achilles heel: increased consumption of the battery, since the widgets keep updating from the background.

Optimizing Widget Use:

To add widgets, wake up the iPhone and long-press on an empty area of the lock screen till the customizing option comes up. Press ‘Lock Screen’ and then press ‘Customize’. Afterward, select ‘Add Widgets’ and choose the ones you find most necessary. To remove unwanted widgets, access the customization menu by following these steps: For those widgets that you would want to remove, simply tap on the minus sign next to the widget to reduce their background activity and save on battery life.

Haptic Feedback on the Keyboard:

Feel the Touch, See the Impact In iOS 17, the keyboard will now also include haptics, which means users should feel a tap for every key they press. Of course, this will improve the tactile feeling with the device. However, even though it’s beneficial, the feature has been accepted and acknowledged by Apple for contributing to the problem with battery life. Adjusting Keyboard Haptic Feedback: Navigate to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Scroll down to find Keyboard Feedback. You can turn off the haptic feedback, and sound too if you like, to conserve your device’s battery.

Finding the Perfect Balance

While the added new features with iOS 17 improve the way we are now able to use an iPhone, it is supposed to find some sort of balance where the life of a battery is not traded. Here’s how you can still get to enjoy these benefits without getting worried that your phone’s battery will die prematurely: manage the usage of lock screen widgets and tweak the settings for haptic feedback. These steps to optimize your settings will ensure that the battery life of your iPhone improves and an optimized iOS 17 experience exists just as you would want to ensure the device can run efficiently for you.