Mastering iPhone Customization: Tips and Tricks for iOS 16 and Beyond

With the continuous evolution of iOS, personalizing the screen of your iPhone has become more engaging and accessible than ever. iOS 16, for example, brought revolutionary customization features that can drastically change how your device looks and functions.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to mastering these options, applicable not just to the latest iOS 17, but also beneficial for devices running earlier versions like iOS 16.

customize iphone screen

1. Changing Your Home and Lock Screen Wallpapers

Customize Your Home Screen:

  • Navigate to Settings > Wallpaper > Add New Wallpaper.
  • Choose from dynamic selections like Weather, Astronomy, or your own photos.
  • After selecting a wallpaper, enhance it by adding Widgets for quick access to information like weather updates or calendar events.
  • Decide if this wallpaper should appear on just the home screen, lock screen, or both.

Customize Your Lock Screen:

  • Press and hold the lock screen to activate customization mode.
  • Tap on the image icon to select a new wallpaper from your photo library.
  • Customize further by adding time widgets or other functionalities directly on the lock screen.

2. Utilizing Widgets for Enhanced Functionality

Add Widgets to Your Home Screen:

  • On the Home screen, press and hold an empty area until the apps jiggle.
  • Tap the ‘+’ in the top left corner, select a widget, choose its size, and tap ‘Add Widget’.
  • Position the widget anywhere you desire for optimal functionality and aesthetics.

Add Widgets to Your Lock Screen:

  • Enter the lock screen customization mode.
  • Choose ‘Add Widgets’, select your preferred widgets, and adjust their placement to your liking.

3. Organizing Apps and Folders

Moving Multiple Apps:

  • Tap and hold an app until it starts jiggling.
  • Drag the app to a new location or over another app to create a folder.
  • To move multiple apps simultaneously, tap and hold one app, then with another finger, tap additional apps to group them together.
  • Drag the group to the desired location and release.

Creating and Naming Folders:

  • Drag one app over another to create a folder.
  • iOS will suggest a name based on the app category, but you can rename it as you wish.

4. Hiding Apps

Remove Apps from the Home Screen:

  • Long-press the app icon you wish to hide, choose ‘Remove App’, then ‘Remove from Home Screen’.
  • The app will still be accessible from the App Library.

Enhanced Privacy Settings:

  • For added privacy, go to Settings > App Name and disable options like ‘Show on Home Screen’ and ‘Suggestion Notifications’.

5. Managing Home Screen Pages

Remove Unus  ed Pages:

  • Activate the jiggle mode by long-pressing an empty area on your home screen.
  • Tap the page indicator at the bottom, then the minus icon on the page you wish to delete.


The flexibility iOS offers for customization is vast, with each update bringing more features that allow users to tailor their devices to their personal needs and style. Whether you’re setting up a new device or updating an older one, these tips will help you maximize your iPhone’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Embrace these changes and make your iPhone uniquely yours.