Master Photoshop: learn how to use and add brushes to edit photos

On many occasions we will surely open Adobe‘s powerful photo editor, we are talking about Photoshop , to use some of its many functions. However, sometimes we are not aware of everything that this application is capable of offering us, both by default and with its own additions.

Here we are going to find both basic tools and some much more advanced ones for professional users. Initially, the program is designed to cover the needs of novice users and the most advanced, for which experience is a key element. In the event that we are starting with these image editing jobs, there are certain elements and functions that will be very helpful. Next, we will focus on a can between tool that is not only useful here, but that we find in most programs of this type.

Master Photoshop

Specifically, we are referring to the brushes that provide us with so much help in many tasks related to photo editing. In fact, along these same lines, we want to focus on these elements that could be considered key in this software sector.

See and use the brushes included in the program

Thus, if we focus on the Adobe program, the first thing we should know is that by default the application offers us a good number of these brushes . It may be the case that when starting the program at first and by default we do not have these elements in view. Therefore, if we want to take a look at all the brushes that Photoshop makes available to us by default, we click on the Window menu option in the main interface.

ventana pinceles Photoshop

At that moment, a new window will appear on the screen with an extensive list in which we can see all the available brushes . In this way we will only have to scroll through said list and mark the element that we want to use. In addition, before that we also have the possibility to fully customize its operation from the Brush Settings tab.

pinceles Photoshop

From here we will have the possibility to modify and customize a multitude of parameters belonging to each of these elements that we have marked. This way we can adapt that selected brush to the type of edition that we are going to carry out.

Add new brushes to Photoshop

Something that we must take into consideration is that aside from all the elements of this type that the program offers us, we have the possibility of adding our own . For this that we tell you again, we must have in view the small window belonging to these very useful elements in the program. But in this case we are going to use a button that is represented by a + sign . This is precisely the one that will allow us to add new brushes to the program .

creación pinceles

In the window that appears for the creation of the element as such, we will have the possibility of specifying a name for it. As you can imagine, later and once we have created it, we will be able to customize its operation to the maximum as we saw before with the default ones. This allows us to have our own tools of this type to use in our Photoshop retouching projects .