Managing WhatsApp Backups: How to Save Google Drive Storage on Android

WhatsApp users on Android have long enjoyed the convenience of backing up their chat history and media to Google Drive for free, without worrying about it consuming their Google account’s storage space. However, recent policy changes have altered this arrangement, making it essential for users to take control of their WhatsApp backup settings to prevent their Google Drive storage from being compromised.

In this guide, we’ll explore two crucial adjustments you can make to ensure your Google Drive space remains free while safeguarding your WhatsApp data.

whatsapp backup google drive

Optimizing WhatsApp Backup Settings for Google Drive:

1. Exclude Videos from Backups

  • WhatsApp typically stores various videos, photos, and images in your chats, many of which may not be essential for future reference.
  • Access the WhatsApp app, navigate to “Settings” within the application, and select the “Chats” section.
  • Tap on the “Chat backup” option to access backup settings.
  • Uncheck the option to include videos in backups.
  • By disabling video backups, future backups will omit videos, reducing the storage consumption on Google Drive.
  • If you have specific videos you wish to keep, consider sending them to your email using services like WeTransfer or manually saving them.

2. Disable Automatic Downloads

  • Modern smartphones often come with ample internal storage, leading users to enable automatic downloads for various media files received on WhatsApp.
  • To reclaim control over your Google Drive storage, revisit your approach to automatic downloads.
  • Within the WhatsApp app, access “Settings” and navigate to the “Storage and data” section.
  • In the “Automatic download” tab, uncheck all the options that are currently enabled.
  • This change ensures that you have to manually select and download individual files received on WhatsApp, allowing you to be more selective.
  • By reducing automatic downloads, you’ll significantly decrease the size of future backups, preserving your Google Drive space.

These two simple adjustments to your WhatsApp backup settings can help you optimize your Google Drive storage usage while still ensuring that your valuable chat data remains safe. With control over videos and automatic downloads, you’ll strike a balance between preserving storage space and retaining essential information within your WhatsApp backups.