Make no mistake: the best tires for an electric car

The electric car also needs specific tires. These are usually special versions of a brand’s regular tires, tuned to provide less rolling resistance. These tires are specifically designed for vehicles that are heavier, more powerful and quieter than cars with internal combustion engines.

The electric car has key tires

the best tires for an electric car

If you have been wondering if there are specific tires for electric vehicles, the answer is yes, and they can extend autonomy by up to 12%; in addition to offering a secure grip and greater comfort when driving on the road.

With these data, it is clear that the choice of specific tires for electric vehicles is essential for efficiency, braking performance and mileage . But how does a tire of this size for our electrified vehicle differ from a normal tire?

The first thing to note is that they have been done due to the great importance and development of electric mobility, where manufacturers of the tire industry have made them do so with key mounts. Several tire brands today offer optimized and specific tire models for this type of vehicle, which allow good energy savings and reduced emissions in the case of conventional hybrids.

They require less energy to move

Designed with efficiency in mind, what they do is offer less rolling resistance than regular tyres, which means they create less friction as they roll over the ground and therefore require less energy to keep moving, which is translates into greater autonomy.

Compared to combustion cars, what electric drive technology does is reduce engine noise, emissions, maintenance and running costs. However, one consequence of the many benefits of electric vehicles is a significant increase in weight. Batteries are heavy, and their weight places an additional burden on electric car tires.

This is where the torque of electric car tires has a positive and a negative side. For one, it means instant acceleration. On the other hand, this instantaneous torque puts an additional load on the tires. In the same way, what we know is that with them we will obtain a smoother, more energy-efficient and low-impact ride.

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The tires that can be good purchases

As manufacturers such as Continental or Michelin, among others, say, the key to developing products for electric vehicles is to focus on various parameters such as reducing the weight of the tire-tyre assembly, reducing rolling resistance, reducing noise (important in cars especially silent) and adapt the hardness and drawing to not lose grip under any circumstances. And there, with everything, we find some tires that may be better for your electric car.

  • Bridgestone Turanza ECO . Awarded as one of the best on the market, we find the Turanza Eco, from Bridgestone, where the brand knew how to advance the times and present a truly complete wheel that represents, to date, one of the best wheels for cars with an electric motor.
  • Continental ECO6 . This offers the necessary balance between flexibility and rigidity , and allows optimal adaptation to different road conditions. Thanks to its asymmetric rib and sipe geometry, the tire always maintains contact with the road.
  • Continental SportContact 5 Silent . This is Tesla’s choice for their models, so it’s always a good buy. This model is located between the Pirelli model (slightly cheaper) and Michelin (much more expensive). They are expressly designed to offer the least possible resistance and thus improve the energy efficiency of the vehicle.
  • Michelin e-Primacy . The Michelin E Primacy can increase battery autonomy by up to 7% due to the Energy Air Shield compound, which reduces energy loss; and the Cool Running sidewalls, which absorb less energy during flexion, prolonging the autonomy of the battery by 30 kilometers more.