How to make a yellow phone case transparent again

It has happened to all of us that with the passage of time the transparent cover that we liked so much of our mobile device has begun to have a yellowish tone that is a bit unpleasant to look at. In addition, as much as they sell it to us as anti-yellow, the truth is that with the passage of days and months it will return with this tone. Even, it will not matter if it is a cheaper one or a good brand, because they will all end with this color.

However, quality will be a key factor in getting it back to being as shiny and transparent as the first day. However, you can try to follow these methods with your preferred case, since the last thing you lose is hope. In addition, as an extra, we will give you some tips to try to prevent it from happening again tomorrow.

make a yellow phone case transparent again

How to clean a yellow transparent case

There are several possibilities that could help us achieve the goal of having a completely transparent casing again . However, they may not all work, or it may even be too late for your case. It will also depend on the quality, as one of 2 euros will not be the same as another of 20 euros. Therefore, these will be the possibilities that you will have at your fingertips to be able to properly clean this accessory from your smartphone. Luck!

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Wash the cover with soap and water

The first method will be the simplest of all, but it may not be the most effective of all those that we are going to present. Although, as we said, it will be the one that takes the least effort, more than anything because we will all have soap and water. Therefore, we will start by filling any bowl or glass with soap and water . Of course, we recommend using a mild soap so that it does not end up damaging it.

Then, we will need a toothbrush which we will moisten and then rub the case of the smartphone. After passing the brush through each of its corners. And although we can use a sponge or cloth, the truth is that with the brush we can clean any part without any problem. Then it will be time to rinse the casing with water. Finally, we will have to dry it with a clean towel and let it dry for at least half an hour.

Isopropyl alcohol may be the best option

For this alternative, we will need both a totally clean microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol . When we have these two instruments, it will be time to take action. Therefore, wet the cloth a little with the alcohol and start rubbing it over all the yellowish spots that you see on the transparent protector of your mobile device. In addition, it will be a viable second option after performing the first method, since we will end up with the stains that we previously could not remove.

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When it comes to rubbing the carcass, it will be better to do circular movements without much pressure. More than anything because we can damage the protector itself. Then, we will have to dry the cover with another microfiber cloth that is completely dry and clean. Lastly, let the protector dry on its own for about ten minutes.

Time to use bleach

The third option that we will also have available in any home will be the use of bleach . In addition, the amount that we will need to clean this protector will not be too much, since we are facing a cleaning product with a fairly incisive level of action. Therefore, it will be one of the last methods that we have brought you today, since it can end up damaging the case. Therefore, add a small amount to any container you have around the house and leave the protection to rest for a few minutes. After this, take it out and wet it again, but this time with totally clean water.

Baking soda’s turn

The last tip of the day to be able to completely clean and get rid of this unpleasant tone at once is to use baking soda and a little lemon juice . When we have these two, we will have to start making a kind of paste with which we will later cover the housing of our mobile device. After this, we will have to let it take effect for at least an hour. Later, we will have to rub with a sponge or toothbrush. Finally, we can only rinse with clean water and wait for it to dry by itself.

Can you prevent it from turning yellow?

It is practically inevitable that a transparent silicone case does not turn yellowish. And it is that we must not only take into account the passage of time or the use we make of it, not even the continuous cleaning that we carry out. If not, the sunlight itself plays against us. For this reason, the only remedy that we can give you to prevent it from turning yellow is that the material is not silicone.

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Basically because it is porous, so sooner or later it will end up having a yellowish tone. In addition, it will not matter if it is more expensive or cheaper, each and every one of them will end up with this color. Therefore, in order to help it to take longer in time to turn yellow again, we advise you to wash the carcass at least once a week, with the aim that these stains do not re-form.

In addition, it will also be essential how dirty our hands will be when picking up the mobile device. More than anything because our own skin leaves a series of traces, so over time we will gradually stain the protector itself without realizing it, and to this we must add sweat. For this reason, it is advisable to perform a weekly cleaning following one of the methods that we have explained previously.

Although, as we said, it will be practically inevitable that it will not turn yellow again. But, in this way, we will ensure that the stains take much longer to emerge.