The main mistake you should avoid if you always have problems with WiFi

You connect the mobile to the Wi-Fi at home and see that the signal that arrives is weak. You do a speed test and see that you get much less than what you have contracted. You notice that the router has little power and if you move away you cannot connect correctly and it cuts off a lot. Does all this ring a bell? It is something very common. To prevent this from happening we can take several things into account, but it is important not to make mistakes. Therefore, in this article we are going to explain what the main error is and how it affects you when trying to improve Wi-Fi.

Using a bad repeater, a common mistake

always have problems with WiFi

Installing a Wi-Fi repeater is one of the first options that comes to mind when we want to improve the wireless signal. They are simple devices to use, configure and are also usually cheap. The problem is that there are many models that are really useless and may even cause the signal to go worse.

A poor quality Wi-Fi repeater not only does not solve the problem , but you may notice that when you connect it worsens compared to directly using the router’s signal. You can see that it works slower, with cuts and glitches. The problem is that it is easy to find very cheap repeaters on the Internet. This may give the false impression that it is a device that can help us, but in reality it is not.

For example, you may use a repeater that is not dual band and that will cause you to never receive maximum speed. It could also happen that that device does not support many devices connected at the same time and constantly drops the connection. This will make that repeater not meet your expectations.

It is important that you pay close attention to the characteristics of the device and avoid problems with the Wi-Fi repeater. See aspects such as the maximum speed it supports, whether or not it is dual band, the number of devices you can connect or the range, will help you really use a device that is useful.

The problem is not always the weak signal

But you should also keep in mind that the problem with the Internet connection is not always due to a weak signal. That is to say, we usually think that the fault is that the coverage does not reach well and we choose to buy a Wi-Fi repeater. The problem is that it may not be the solution simply because the problem is something else.

For example, it could be a problem with the device itself with which we connect. It may have outdated network card drivers, a hardware problem, or even a virus that prevents us from connecting to the Internet normally. That will cause the connection to not work as it should. Even if we buy the best Wi-Fi repeater, the problem will still be there.

What you can do before buying anything is to identify what the problem is. You can connect closer to the router and see if it works better, try using dual band or see if there is a problem with the device, such as a virus or outdated drivers.