Main Dangers that Can Come Through Email

There is no doubt that email is a medium widely used by both private users and companies. We have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities. Many providers allow us to be in contact, share files, store information … However, we must also bear in mind that security is not always present and that it is the gateway to many threats. In this article we echo which are the main ones.

Top Threats in an Email

As we say, receiving an e-mail is something really common. Receiving an email that has a malicious file, a fraudulent link or that is some kind of deceit attempt, is not something strange. It is true that the providers themselves have filters to protect us, but they do not always work correctly.

Dangers that Can Come Through Email

This causes many e-mails to reach our tray and that could put our security at risk. They can affect our devices, allow identity theft, etc.

Keep in mind that everything related to the pandemic has increased the number of Phishing attacks.

Malicious files

One of the biggest problems when using email is the possibility of receiving malicious files . Many times there are documents that can bypass the protection measures.

The varieties of malware range from spyware to ransomware, to viruses that can damage the operation of computers. This is something that affects all types of devices and operating systems.

Qué es el malware wiper

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are certainly also very present in email. In fact, in recent months the number of e-mails related to the pandemic has increased considerably and that actually aim to steal passwords and credentials of the victims.

It is, as we know, a very widespread type of attack. It is something that many have to deal with on a daily basis. Once again, security filters tend to stop most attempts, but there are always some that make it to our inbox.

Misleading advertising

Spam , junk mail, is another of the things that we can say are part of email. Now, an e-mail that contains abusive, misleading advertising, is not only annoying, but it can also be a security problem.

Hackers use these types of emails to sneak malicious links that lead to sites controlled by the attackers. One more way to try to infect users’ computers.

Search for information and data

On the other hand, another threat is the search for information and data through email. We can receive an e-mail that seems harmless, that simply asks us to fill in some information or ask us a question and find that we answer.

What they really want is information and data. And it is that today this has a great value in the network. They can use this data to include us in spam lists, send targeted advertising or even sell it to third parties.

Therefore, we must exercise extreme caution. We leave you a series of tips to avoid being attacked by e-mail.