Macrium Reflect for Windows Backup

We never know when a hard drive can fail, or some kind of malicious software can corrupt our files. One solution that we can use to remedy this problem is to make a backup of our data. In this tutorial we are going to explain how to create a Windows backup with Macrium Reflect so that we can later restore it when necessary. If you want to know how to make a complete backup with this simple program, then you have all the details.

In the event of data loss, we can easily recover it by restoring the backup we have previously created. Obviously, the more recent it is and the more frequently we do it, the less information we will lose.

Macrium Reflect for Windows Backup

What Macrium Reflect offers us

The free edition of Macrium Reflect offers us a free backup, disk imaging and cloning solution capable of meeting the needs of both home and business users.

This program offers:

  • Quick backups.
  • Protecting Against Ransomware with Macrium Image Guardian
  • Centralized management with Macrium Site Manager.

The version that we are going to use is the free one, so not all the options will be available, or they will be available for a period of 30 days.

Macrium Reflect Installation

The first step we are going to take is to install the program on our PC. Let’s start by heading to their website . In this case, we are going to opt for Macrium Reflect 7 in its free version. In order to install it, we are going to need two things:

  1. An email to send us the registration code and download URL.
  2. Download the installer through a link that came in the email.

To do this, we go to the section where we can download Macrium Reflect 7 Free Edition, and click on the Home Use button. There we put the e-mail that we want to use, and we decide if we want to receive more information from the developer. The next thing we are going to do is download the installer from the URL that came in the email. Then we execute it and we will get a screen like this:

As you can see, the Free installation is already selected, so you only have to click on Download. The next step to continue installing Macrium Reflect in its Free Edition version is to click Next .

Here we are welcomed to the installer and click on Next to continue.

He then asks us what we need to use the program for. Here we choose Home which is what we had chosen when sending the email and we click Next .

Now comes the time in the installation process where we must be more attentive.

Here we have to fill in two sections, and then click on Next :

  • Email address where we will put the email that we have used to download the installer.
  • Registration code that we will fill in with the registration code that they sent to our email.

Next, it is time to select the folder where we want the program to be installed. In my case I have left it with the options that come by default and then I have clicked Next .

The next thing we have to do is hit the Install button to start the installation.

Once the installation of Macrium Reflect is finished, a screen like this will appear and we will click on Finish to finish the installation.

Get started with Macrium Reflect

In this section we will briefly explain the main sections of the program. Then we will create a backup of our Windows operating system, and we will explain how to restore it. The first time we start the program we will see its main screen.

At the top we find the basic options that usually come in all programs:

  • File with the Exit option to exit the program.
  • View with which we can remove the toolbar with large icons that comes below and the option to refresh.
  • Backup shows the types of backups we can do.
  • Restore to restore the backup through the image we have created.
  • Other Task where we must highlight the option Create Rescue Media . Thanks to them we can create a Windows PE boot disk to start our computer with it and proceed to restore the system in case of emergency.
  • Help in which we have the help and we can buy the full version if we are interested.

Below we have a toolbar with large icons. Its functions are to create a rescue disk represented by a DVD, edit the program settings with the icon of two gear wheels, and more.

The screen then splits in two. The left part of the window is dedicated to the different tasks that we can perform. Disk Image for creating backup copies and Restore to restore the images that we have created with Macrium Reflect. On the other hand, on the right we have several icons where the hard drives of our PC are shown.

How to create a backup with Macrium Reflect

If we want to create a backup with Macrium Reflect, we will go to the menu at the top of the Backup . To make a backup copy of our Microsoft operating system, click on the Backup Windows option.

This program will automatically detect all partitions related to Windows boot (boot and data). All we have to do is enter the destination folder. If possible, better backup to a different hard drive. In this way, if a hardware failure occurs we will not have lost the data. The next thing we have to do is click Next .

Then this screen will appear:

What we are going to do is click on Next, but if you want to create a task to make a regular backup, we will click on Add Schedule .

Here we can set the frequency, the day and the time that this task will be executed. If we do not want you to do any, simply click on Next , and it will offer us a summary of the work to be done.

After clicking on Finish , this screen will appear and we will click OK :

Here you can see how the backup is doing.

Now we wait for the process to finish, which may take more or less time, depending on the size of the programs and files on our hard drive. There is also the possibility to do the same with files and folders. The only thing that we can only do for 30 days, the mechanics would be the same, but for this it would be interesting to have a paid version.

Restoring a backup with Macrium Reflect

In case you want to restore a backup previously created with Macrium Reflect, we must select the Restore tab marked with a red box. Next, we will see a summary of our hard drives and the copies created.

The next step we are going to take is to Restore Image of the backup we created before. Next, a new wizard similar to that of creating the backup will open and guide us through the restoration process.

Here he tells us that the restoration requires us to use the Windows PE rescue mode and click Yes .

Here we select Run from Windows PE :

At this time you have to restart for which we will click on Restart Now .

After the reboot, you will enter a rescue mode with Windows PE where it will automatically start the restore process.

We wait for it to finish and then we will see how it restarts automatically. If everything has gone well, Windows will start as normal as it has in this case. In the event that our PC does not start, we can create a Windows PE boot disk by installing the program on another computer. As we mentioned earlier, this function is found in the Other Task section.

With this we finish the tutorial on Macrium Reflect, a simple program with which to create a Windows backup and be able to restore them again when necessary.