MacBook Pro 2021: Camera Enhancements and Other Features

A new generation of MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon is about to arrive. Not immediately, but for the final months of this year, therefore having a renewal of the range since the 13-inch model incorporated M1 chip in November 2020. In addition, we would also have renewal for the 16-inch, which it has not been renewed for almost two years. We review below the expected news that these new teams would have.

A webcam that arrives later than expected

Incorporating a camera into a laptop has been a standard in the computer industry for many years. Apple was no less and has also been incorporating them in its entire MacBook range for quite some time. However, in recent years many users have complained of seeing how the Californian company continued to incorporate 720p cameras. Yes, these are very good and it may be the least for many users, but in the midst of teleworking and distance studies with meetings, classes and other telematic events, it seemed too outdated.

MacBook Pro 2021

Already in the 2020 27-inch iMac, a 1080p lens was finally incorporated, although both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro M1 followed with the 720p. According to the leaker Dylandkt , the ‘Pro’ laptops that Apple will launch at the end of this 2021 if they will finally incorporate this camera and it has all the earmarks that it will look more like the one we have in the 24-inch iMac. This team incorporates a lens of this resolution that considerably improves the image in itself, but with additions via software that make it much brighter and will even allow portrait mode in FaceTime with the arrival of macOS Monterey in the fall.

camara imac

And although this information is not official, it would be strange to think that it did not arrive by itself. But the fact that it was a leaker like Dylandkt who said it, makes the possibility win more. We remember that this was already correct with other information in the past, the most recent being that the iPad Pro 2021 would incorporate an M1 chip, something that he affirmed several months before the official announcement by Apple took place.

M1X chip, new ports and redesign

Continuing with the analysis of this same leaker , this year’s MacBook Pros would incorporate an M1X processor that would be an improved version of the current M1, reserving the M2 for the ‘Air’ models that would be launched in early 2022. To this would be added the return of ports like MagSafe, HDMI, and even a card reader . Nothing new if we see the MacBook of a few years ago, but it does represent a change with respect to what we had been having in these years. To highlight would also be the elimination of the TouchBar , a characteristic element of the range loved and hated in equal measure.

render macbook pro

Regarding the design, it seems that the 13 model will become 14 inches , although it is unknown exactly if it will be a very deep design change or if it will respond more to a change like the one that the 15-inch MacBook Pro had in its day. by reducing the front bezels to 16 inches in a very similar size. Precisely this 16-inch model will also be renewed, although in this case a sudden change seems ruled out and it will probably end up mounting a similar body.