Lunacy Review: Design, Draw and Edit All Kinds of Images

For all those who love graphic design, digital illustration or photo retouching, you have a large number of tools with which you can carry out your favorite hobby or work. More and more designers are moving from Mac OS to Windows, where you also find tools with which to fit perfectly. One of these tools is Lunacy , a free graphic editor with which to perform all kinds of tasks.

What is Lunacy and what is it for?


Lunacy is a free graphic design program that works without the need for an internet connection. Additionally, it became the first program in Windows to open a Sketch file and export it to raw HTML / CSS code. It comes from Icons8, specialized in developing free tools and resources for all kinds of creatives and graphic designers.

It is a graphic editor with which we can also perform other functions such as drawing, joining and aligning objects, organizing pages and work boards. It has advanced typography tools for this, as well as an extensive catalog of fonts. It supports CSS and XAML codes and will allow us to export our work in SVG and PNG files . It also offers us many facilities to handle sketch files, organize pages, join and align objects, or use typography tools.

Of its characteristics we can highlight, above all, its extensive library of integrated resources, since it has more than 100,000 quality photos among icons, symbols, backgrounds, illustrations, images with transparency and objects, which we can combine to our liking to create the image we need.

Lunacy, in addition to being a tremendously useful tool for professional designers, can also be used by all kinds of users, even if they do not need very advanced options. The application will allow us to use it as a basic editor with which to make all kinds of graphics quickly and easily. Without a doubt, it must be taken into account even if we do not have much skill with design tools.

Navigating Lunacy

Once we have installed and executed Lunacy, we will be presented with the main menu with an interface with a black background. In the upper left part we find the three horizontal bars of the Menu, where we will have the options of File, Edit, Object, Text, Vector, Order, View and Help.

Menú principal de Lunacy

With the File menu , it will not only serve to open Sketch files, but we will also be able to obtain additional functions, such as exporting the document we are working with in PNG and SVG format, so that they can be used by other applications.

Regarding the editing functions, we can add text, draw rectangles, lines or ellipses, embed external images, or create a worktable or avatars.

Lunacy diseño de imágenes

Just below the three menu lines, we see the Library column, from where we can select and work with its large number of integrated resources. We will have a section for Symbols, Text Style, Layer Styles, Icons, Photos, Masked Photos, Illustrations and Interface Kits.

From Lunacy, we will be able to carry out design tasks of all kinds. From the interface we can start drawing projects through the different options of geometric shapes, feathers and element alignment mechanisms. We can also count on working in layers , so we will work with complex images regardless of their components.

Download Lunacy

Lunacy is a completely free tool for Windows without any payment or subscription service. We can download it directly from its website or from the Microsoft Store application store quickly, since it only occupies 15 MB and it does not need powerful technical requirements to function with great fluidity.

Alternatives to Lunacy

Lunacy is a powerful vector design tool, which also has alternatives on the market like the ones we present below:

  • Gravit Designer : it is an application to develop vector graphics with many additional features. It has a free version that we can download from here . It also has a paid Pro version, which we can buy for 49 euros a year. It is cross-platform, so it can be used on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Vectr : is a free cross-platform vector graphics editor, being compatible with Windows, Linux and Chromebook. You can download it at no cost from this link .
  • Inkscape : is a free and open source vector graphics editor, with which we can create complex lines, graphics, logos, diagrams and illustrations. You can download it from their website for free. It is compatible with Windows, Mac Os and Linux.
  • Affinity Designer : is a fast, fluid and precise vector graphics editor, with which we can get an additional point of creativity to polish our projects. It is compatible with Windows and Mac Os and has a cost of 27.99 euros. It also has a 90-day free trial that we can download from here .