Location Permissions on Mobile Apps: Always Allow, Never, or While Using

When you download a new mobile app and encounter the familiar location permission prompt, it’s essential to make an informed choice. Apps commonly ask whether they should “Always Allow,” “Never Allow,” or allow access “Only While Using.” This decision affects battery life, and here’s what you should consider when making your choice.

Battery Life Implications:

While granting “Always Allow” for location access does not structurally damage your battery, it can significantly impact battery life. Location services are notorious for their power consumption, and allowing continuous access can lead to a much shorter mobile battery life. The extent of this impact varies based on your specific smartphone and its battery optimization but tends to be noticeable in general.

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Excessive location access by apps results in frequent background usage, causing your mobile to run out of battery more quickly. This necessitates more frequent charging, leading to a reduced battery lifespan over time due to charging cycles.

Is “Never Allow” the Solution?

Completely disallowing location access is not advisable either. Many apps rely on location data to deliver specific features or information accurately. By choosing “Never Allow,” you may encounter issues with app functionalities or tools that depend on location data. This option is not recommended for those who rely on location-based services or features.

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Best Practices:

The optimal approach lies between the two extremes: “Always Allow” and “Never Allow.” Here are two practical choices:

  1. “Always Allow While Using”: This option permits location access only when the app is actively in use. It minimizes background location tracking and its associated battery drain. Choose this setting if you want location access limited to app usage.
  2. “Always Allow” with Background Updates Disabled: If the app functions correctly with background updates off, you can select “Always Allow” for location access. However, it’s crucial to go into your app settings and turn off background location updates. This way, the app can access your location when active, but it won’t consume power in the background.

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Balancing location access permissions on mobile apps is essential for optimizing battery life while ensuring proper app functionality. The “Always Allow While Using” option offers a middle ground by granting access only during active app use. If the app requires continuous location access but doesn’t need background updates, select “Always Allow” and disable background updates in the app settings. Making informed choices will help you strike the right balance between preserving battery life and using apps to their full potential.