LMT Anti Logger: Tool to Prevent Key Theft

Without a doubt, security is a factor that is fundamental for users. There are many threats that are present on the network and that can put our security at risk in one way or another. There are different types of malware that can steal our passwords, spy on us through the webcam, collect data, record our screen… Now, luckily we can also protect ourselves and avoid all this. In this article we are going to show a tool that we find interesting. This is LMT Anti Logger .

LMT Anti Logger

One of the biggest problems with network security is that our privacy can be compromised. As we have mentioned, there are many types of malware that aim to steal our data, spy on us, collect our passwords or even record the screen or webcam of our device.

LMT Anti Logger: Tool to Prevent Key Theft

Hackers are always looking for ways to hone their attacks to achieve the goal of compromising privacy. We have seen on occasions that there are attacks that go directly to devices such as the webcam. They can also infect our computers with keyloggers to collect our passwords or everything we write.

Precisely avoiding that is what LMT Anti Logger has been developed for. It is a totally free tool that is available for Windows 10. The objective is none other than to prevent them from collecting the log of our applications through third-party software in a malicious way. In this way we can protect our privacy.

Sometimes third-party software may collect information from users. You could create a log of keystrokes, webcam, screen … The purpose of LMT Anti Logger is to avoid this. It is very simple to use and also, as we have mentioned, it is completely free . What it does is lock the registry of keys, screen, webcam …

The first thing we are going to do is install it. For this we have to go to its official page . As always we recommend downloading all kinds of software from official and secure sources. In this way we ensure that we are not installing software that has been maliciously modified.

LMT Anti Logger

As we see in the image above, once we install it, it shows us a series of options that we can check. For example anti keylogger , to avoid recording keystrokes, also disable screen recording, clipboard recording or disable the webcam. They are very useful options and we have at our disposal in a simple and fast way. It does not require much more, since we can easily activate them.

Beyond those characteristics that we have mentioned, LMT Anti Logger also has real-time protection against malware, viruses and Trojans. We already know that there are many varieties of malware that in one way or another can put our security at risk. It is vital to have tools of this type that can protect us when surfing the net.

It should also be noted that it is compatible with protection in the main browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Edge.

It also has other alternative options such as protecting folders. We already know that encrypting our files can be very interesting if we are going to share the computer with other users, if we are going to send folders or if we simply want to prevent possible intruders from collecting data from us.

In short, LMT Anti Logger is a free and simple tool that we can install on Windows 10. As we have seen, the installation process and its use are not difficult. Once we have it in our team we can gain security and thus improve our privacy. Initially, this application is designed to protect us from possible third-party applications that seek to steal our credentials, record the screen or webcam. However, it also protects us from threats such as malware, Trojans and viruses. It is, therefore, a useful program that will make surfing the net safer.