Listen to the contents of your PDF files through the PC speakers

We currently have many PDF file editors , each with different characteristics which each user may find more useful or less, all according to their needs, but something that not all PDF editors and / or readers include is a tool for reading aloud, which can be useful to certain users.

Since it can be a tedious task for the user to find all the editors or PDF readers that incorporate this option, here is a list with the best, each one focused on different characteristics, but with the same task.

Applications to read PDF lively

Adobe Acrobat Reader

It is the most widely used free PDF reader software in the world, it has a great track record since its launch, which has specialized and renewed quite a lot with each version. This reader allows us to read, print and add comments to the files, with a new feature that allows us to upload the files to the cloud to be able to edit them from any device.

Although it is a PDF reader, it also allows us to view other files such as DOC, HTML, among others.

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Download


This tool has a simple function is to read the documents with a natural tone, also allows us to listen to web pages and emails apart from the PDF files, which owns a disadvantage is that it has limited use with free voices.

But we can edit the pronunciation, and it allows us to use it with files, PDF, Docx, TXT and ePub , for other features we have different single payment plans.

NaturalReader : Download


It is a program that has as its main function the reading of the documents loaded in it, but also allows us to save the read documents, in audio files in various formats such as MP3, MP4, WAV among others.

It supports text documents in many formats, some are DOC, DOCX, HTML ODT among others. The read text is synchronized with the audio and is displayed simultaneously as if it were a song.

Balabolka: Download

Lector de texto


This software is able to read from the clipboard with which to select the text we want you to read, and press Ctrl + C, Deskbot will read it, also by clicking on the secondary button on a web page we can ask you to read it completely .

Deskbot: Download

Lector de textos


It is a more complete reader since it allows us to download other voices to personalize it more, it also allows us to save the audio that reads in MP3 and WAV files. We have controls to pause, resume, talk or stop recording. You can set the reading speed or add effects to the voice recording.

Dspeech: Download

lector de audio

Voice readers of online documents


It allows us in a very simple way, to generate voice files of the text that we enter or even upload to the web, to be an online option, we have the main options, record, retake, delete, upload files among others.

TTSReader: Visit

lector texto PDF

From Text to Speech

This reader, rather it could be considered as a text to audio converter, since it is very simplified and allows us to enter the text to later download it as an audio file in .mp3 format, but for those who are looking for a simple and simple solution it is enough.

From Text to Speech: Visit

lector de texto PDF