LG Gram Fold: A Revolutionary Foldable Laptop with a Flexible 17-inch Display

LG‘s Gram laptop series has earned acclaim for its ultra-slim design and featherweight build, winning over numerous users. With impressive configurations and exceptional craftsmanship, these laptops have evolved with each generation. Now, LG has made a leap that many had long anticipated—the introduction of a folding laptop.


Expanding to 17 Inches

The LG Gram Fold’s unique feature is its ability to transform from a compact 12-inch device into an expansive 17-inch laptop, providing users with versatility. It accomplishes this transformation effortlessly with a simple gesture. The device boasts a high-resolution OLED panel with a resolution of 1,920 x 2,560 pixels, covering an impressive 99.5% of the DCI-P3 color profile.

Powering this innovative laptop is a 13th-generation Intel processor, marking it as the first folding laptop to feature such advanced hardware. Three Dolby Atmos-compatible speakers handle the audio experience, and a substantial 72 Wh battery ensures lasting performance.

The possibilities afforded by this foldable format are extensive. Users can enjoy a compact 12-inch computer with a powerful processor for productivity tasks and, with a quick transformation, switch to a large 17-inch display for multitasking or immersive entertainment. LG claims that the folding mechanism has undergone rigorous testing, guaranteeing more than 30,000 fold-unfold cycles.

LG Gram Fold 17-inch foldable laptop

Not as Thin, but Impressively Light

The foldable nature of the Gram Fold has somewhat altered one of the series’ hallmark features—ultra-thinness. Unlike previous Gram models, the Gram Fold is not as slim and compact, primarily due to the hinge and the two side panels that add extra millimeters compared to traditional laptop designs.

Nonetheless, the device excels when it comes to weight, especially considering it is a 17-inch laptop. It weighs in at a mere 1,250 grams. With the inclusion of the Bluetooth keyboard—an accessory designed for more comfortable typing without relying on the on-screen keyboard—the weight increases slightly to 1,530 grams.

LG Gram Fold 17-inch foldable laptop

Pricing and Availability

LG has not yet provided detailed pricing information, and the initial launch is scheduled for South Korea. However, given the success of the Gram series, it’s highly likely that these remarkable foldable laptops will eventually reach other markets, delighting users around the world.