Lenovo LaVie Mini: Gaming PC with Portable Console Design

LaVie Mini is not one of those notebooks with a particular design and just features to enjoy emulators, it is a prototype created by Lenovo and NEC that hides inside a whole portable Gaming PC . Yes, one with which you can play triple A titles wherever you go.

A Gaming PC that you can use as a portable console

Proposals like these from Lenovo and NEC, it must be recognized that they are not common, but it must also be emphasized that it is not the first time that we see something similar. At CES last year, Alienware already showed something similar with its concept called Alienware Concept UFO, although this time it has given a twist to that idea of creating a Gaming PC that you can take wherever you go and use as if a portable console in question.

Lenovo LaVie Mini

LaVie Mini was born as a prototype and is the result of joint work between Lenovo and NEC. Both companies have created a Gaming PC whose great particularity is not the power that its hardware hides, but rather that it is a device that you can use practically as you want. Because you can put it in a Dock, use it as a laptop or place two controllers to make it a Nintendo Switch-type console.

That versatility in its design is what really draws the attention of a device that may not go beyond a prototype, but that could serve as a basis for future teams that would arrive later. Although if it goes on the market as it is, it would not be a bad idea or something crazy.

We are sure that for some users it would already be something almost perfect, because to all these possibilities of use the use of a rather interesting technical sheet is added. Because according to data shared by Lenovo, this computer would use to start with an 8-inch touch panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. Although the most interesting would come from the processor.

Taking advantage of the technical capabilities of the 11th generation of Intel processors , the team would integrate an Intel Core i7 with next generation Intel Xe graphics. Added to that is up to 16GB of RAM and an SSD storage drive.

Okay, it wouldn’t be a high-end gaming PC; but the truth is that seeing the behavior that the new Intel GPUs can offer, to play the game at 1080p quality it seems to be more than enough. And, in addition, being able to do it in a way similar to a portable console is an important advantage over other types of PC for games and even consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

LaVie Mini, a very striking concept

Without a doubt, the Lenovo prototype is striking and if the idea was to attract the attention of any user interested in gaming PCs, we believe they have succeeded.

Of course, as we said, this may be just a prototype and hopefully for a few years we won’t know much more. Something similar to what happened with that of Alienware, but now it is impossible to dream a little of everything that the PC market could give with proposals of this type. And watch out if instead of Intel processors they make the leap to ARM architecture as Apple has done with its Mac with Apple Silicon processor. Something completely feasible from the hand of Qualcomm.

So let’s not rule out that these types of devices are the ones we see regularly in the near future. Because if later you can put it in a Dock and work as you do now with your laptop, what else do you need?