Learning to read for free from your mobile is possible with these apps

Thanks to technology and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, it is possible to teach reading or improve the reading level of our children from home. We have a large number of applications available in digital stores for this purpose, and in this article we bring you a selection of 5 of them, available for Android and some also for iOS.

These apps obviously do not try to replace any type of teaching level, but they are certainly a great complement if we want to improve the reading and writing level of our children during this summer.

Learning to read for free from your mobile is possible with these apps

Leo with Grin

Leo with Grin is a great app for little ones to learn to read and perfect their skills while having fun. The app has 30 lessons divided into 6 missions each, and each lesson has 14 games divided into 3 sections: syllables, words and phrases.

The best thing about this app is that all the games have two different levels of difficulty, so each child can enjoy the app according to their reading level. The app is designed for children who are 3 years old or older , and you can create up to three different profiles to measure progress.

Learn to read and write

This application, like the previous one, is designed for children three years old or older, and is fantastic for improving handwriting while learning to read. Thanks to this app, the little ones will have access to different activities to learn the alphabet, the syllabary, uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

The app contains audio in Spanish to make learning easier , and different drawing templates have also been included to learn. The app also allows you to save all the progress made in order to keep track of the lessons you use.

Learn to read with syllables

Learning to read with syllables is another very good application that we can use to teach our children to read. The app has a series of fun games where we will see several words to complete with animals and all kinds of shapes . We will find words of all kinds, both monosyllables and bisyllables, trisyllables and polysyllables.

The app has a paid version that eliminates advertising and brings with it more activities, but with the free version we will have plenty of variety so as not to have to checkout with the other version.

Montessori Preschool

Preschool Montessori is one of the best apps that we can find, not only to teach reading, but also for other things such as colors or even addition and subtraction. The app also receives new content every two months , so it really is a very complete app.

With regard to reading, with this app the little ones will listen to sounds to train their ears and to identify them before assigning a name to a letter. The app is designed for children from 3 to 7 years old , and offers a trial period of one week after which you will have to subscribe.

ABC Dinos: Learn to read

We close this list of applications to learn to read like ABC Dinos. With it we have another application aimed at children from 3 to 7 years old with which they can learn to read and improve reading comprehension . It has a large number of educational games where you have to write a letter or form words, for example.

At the beginning of each game, it will ask about the level of each child , so this application will adapt its content based on it. The app has a free part that works very well, but if we want to have access to everything it offers us, we will have to go through the checkout.