LastPass: a Secure Manager for Passwords and Other Private Content

When it comes to protecting our data, applications, system and equipment in general, there are several protection methods that we can use. But over the years, perhaps the most popular and used is that of passwords, although more and more we have to remember. To help us in its management, we can always use specific solutions such as LastPass.

Despite the enormous advances that we are experiencing in recent times in this same sense, the truth is that the use of passwords is still the norm. When we refer to the most recent advances in this regard, we are specifically referring to the biometric systems that we can use. This way we will be able to access our equipment and platforms in a safe way and avoid problems in the future.


But of course, as the years have passed and the Internet has spread, the use of these elements is increasing. At the same time, they are trying to use increasingly complex passwords in order to increase their security. And of course, as these become more complex, remembering them all becomes more difficult for users. Hence the growth of current password managers that we can use on our computers. For all this that we are commenting on, we have the possibility of using some interesting alternatives in this regard, such as the one we are going to mention here.

Specifically, we refer to the solution proposed by LastPass , one of the best known and most used password managers in the world. That is why we are going to show you all the benefits that we can find with this below.

LastPass Installation and Operation

First of all we will tell you that this is a program that we can install quickly and easily on our desktop computers. In addition, for this, it integrates perfectly into our Internet browser as one more extension.

Instalación lastpass

Of course, we must bear in mind that in order to be able to take full advantage of this solution that we are commenting on, before installing it we will have to register. This allows us to create our own account in the program, with which we later manage the content in the form of passwords that we will add. In addition, this is a registration that we can carry out completely free of charge, just enter an email account and a master and secure password.

registro lastpass

What benefits will we get from using LastPass

As you can imagine, once the application is integrated into the Internet browser that we usually use, it creates a new icon in its main interface. This gives us access to your control panel so that we can configure and manage it in the best way. As you can imagine, this is a program that allows us to safely manage all the passwords that we use. In general terms, we will tell you that all of them are added to this platform, protected by a master key that we defined before.

Interfaz principal lastpass

But of course, as you can imagine, in this case this platform goes much further and offers us other functions that will be very useful to us.

How to add new personal passwords in LastPass

With everything and with it, here the most important function that we are going to find is with the management of passwords as such. To manage and add new elements of this type, in the main interface of the program we go to the Passwords section. At first we find a blank panel from which we have the possibility of adding new elements, all through the Add element button.

añadir contraseña lastpass

This will lead us to a new window in which we will have to fill in all kinds of data related to that password. As is logical to think, these help us to later identify the saved keys and to use them safely . Among these data we find some such as the URL of the site, the user, the folder or the password as such. We can also access the advanced options to establish greater security.

Other items to save safely in LastPass

As you can imagine, this allows us to save all our personal passwords, without limit of entries, all of them protected by a master key. But that’s not all we can safely store here. And it is that in addition to the passwords that we have talked about so far, we can find other types of content that on many occasions we would like to hide and protect.

This is the case for items such as personal notes , full contacts from a calendar or cards and bank accounts. Furthermore, the operating mode is the same as that described with the passwords. We just have to go to the corresponding section of the left panel, and click on Add element. Of course, the changes to fill change depending on the type of content we want to work with.

guardar tarjetas lastpass

LastPass account settings

All the content that we are adding to this program that we are talking about, is stored and associated with a personal account . This corresponds to the email that we use in the beginning, so managing it correctly is basic. For this we can access the section called Account Settings, which will bring up a new window.

Configurar cuenta lastpass

From there we will have the possibility to change the associated email, include a phone number, or modify the master password. This allows us to change the basic elements to be able to control that account, elements that we must not forget and keep safely.

Install LastPass on our computer

Say that this is a program that at first we can use for free and that we can download from this link . But at the same time we have at our disposal a series of payment variants, Premium and Families. The first one offers us 1 gigabyte of additional space to store encrypted files for 2.90 euros per month. Also, if we need six Premium licenses , from the Families mode we will have to pay 3.90 euros per month.

Alternatives to LastPass


Here we find another proposal similar to the one discussed for password management that is responsible for storing our keys privately. This is carried out in an encrypted vault using a database encrypted with a 256-bit AES algorithm. At the same time, it allows importing passwords from other very popular managers in the sector. To make use of all this, we can do it from this link .


This is another very popular password manager that allows us to save, in addition to these elements, personal information. Protected with a master key, we find elements such as credit card numbers, accounts, form data, etc. It has its own password generator and is very easy to use. To use this other proposal, we can do it from here .