Korean series and movies on Netflix: reviews and trailer

Korean series and movies on Netflix: reviews and trailer

The particular series of The Squid Game is on everyone’s lips and that is helping to highlight the fantastic production that comes to us from South Korea. The country is an inexhaustible source of interesting titles and today we are going to show you. Did you drink all 10 episodes of the first season of the series and now you want more? Well, you are in the right place. Aim.

The squid game, an unexpected success

Not even the red N itself expected such a boom. This has been confirmed by one of its directors in a recent interview, in which on behalf of the company he confesses that “they did not see it coming.” And is that The Squid Game is the topic of conversation in all meetings and the protagonist of all kinds of memes and publications on the internet, not to mention that it is very close to becoming the most watched series on Netflix.

Just in case you live in a cave and have not heard of it, it is a South Korean series directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk that is currently composed of a 10-episode season. In it we meet Lee Jung-jae, a divorced man addicted to horse racing who barely makes it to the end of the month and who decides to participate in a game after the proposal of a mysterious man, with whom he meets one night in the subway, and promises you a large sum of money that will solve all your problems.

El juego del calamar

The problem, of course, is that he will soon discover that nothing was as he imagined, unable to escape the macabre game in which he has been involved.

A frenetic pace, a very original proposal and an effective staging are the ingredients that are combined in this series that is sweeping the platform and that you have probably already finished, leaving you wanting more. Do you want other equally interesting proposals? Well keep reading.

Korean alternatives on Netflix

Here is a list of the best proposals available right now on Netflix.

Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker

Well, this series is not really Korean but it is based on a movie that is, directed by Bong Joon-ho (the director of the famous Parasites ) so… do we accept octopus? This story presents us with an apocalyptic future in which the Earth’s ecosystem has been destroyed, leaving an icy planet that is no longer habitable for humans. The survivors are on board a train divided by social class that circulates without stopping.

Format : TV series

The best : Good staging and character development

The worst : It has very diverse reviews and has not convinced everyone, especially the fans of Jonn-ho’s movie (which we recommend you watch).


Another South Korean series, this time about a mysterious plague that begins to spread through a kingdom in which the king himself appears to be infected. The crown prince will be the only one who can end this.

Format : TV series

The best : Original proposal about a kind of The Walking Dead set in medieval Korea.

The worst : Precisely the theme “zombies” can be tiresome at this point for some.

DP: The Defector Hunter

A young soldier is on a mission to capture military deserters. Your task may reveal the painful reality that many recruits face.

Format : TV series

The best : Good performances, an interesting plot and miniseries format to consume relatively quickly (they are only 6 chapters).

The worst : It can be so short that you want more.


Vincenzo was sent to Italy as a child and adopted by the powerful Cassano mafia family. Over time he is trained as a lawyer to handle his family’s affairs, however after the death of his father, he is forced to go to South Korea, since his brother has ordered his murder. It is already his homeland, he will orchestrate a plan of revenge.

Format : TV series

The best : His main character hooks.

The worst : Its chapters are long, not suitable for people with little time.


They say that Korean zombie movies are the best in the genre and #Vivo could be a good example. In this film, a zombie invasion leaves a young man entrenched in his apartment and isolated from everything, so you will have to manage to save yourself.

Format : Movie

The best : Amid all the chaos, there is room for raising some human questions.

The worst : The base story (an infectious virus that spreads turning people into zombies) can be tiresome.


Jae-Hyeok works at his local nuclear power plant that one day, due to an earthquake, suffers several explosions. To avoid a disaster similar to that of Chernobyl, Jae-Hyeok along with other colleagues will enter the plant with the idea of ​​fixing what happened.

Format : Movie

The best : Good staging and entertaining plot if you like nuclear power plant stories.

The worst : The script can be somewhat lazy and sometimes it is casin.

The phone

Watch out for this thriller because it could be your discovery of the weekend. The phone ( The Call ) introduces us to Kim Seo-yeon, who finds a cordless phone in a ruined house and nevertheless receives a call with him. When he picks up he meets a woman who claims to be being tortured by her mother … 20 years ago.

Format : Movie

The best : Good performances and an original approach that hooks you.

The worst : Sometimes the script is a bit dizzy.

* Extra: Burning

This movie is no longer on Netflix, but it was and for that alone (and because of how good it is, of course) it is worth looking for and enjoying it. And it is that Burning is based on a short story by the famous writer Haruki Murakami in which we will meet a young man, aspiring writer, who agrees to take care of the cat of an ex-classmate with whom he has recently returned to contact. When she returns, she does not do it alone but is accompanied by a mysterious man with quite particular hobbies.

Format : Movie

The best : An intense thriller, with a very careful photography, that you will like yes or yes.

The worst : That you have not seen it before.