How to Know Who and How Many Stop Following You on Instagram

If you are one of those who care about the number of followers on social networks as well as the life counter in your favorite video games, surely you are interested in knowing how many and who stop following you on Instagram . A fact that, without falling into obsession, can be useful to find out if what you publish attracts or not.

Number of followers: obsession and encouragement

Know Who and How Many Stop Following You on Instagram

Social networks and other platforms in general have a series of mechanisms with which to some extent they manage to create stimuli to constantly attract the user. To the point of even obsessing them. Examples of this, on platforms such as Instagram, can be the Like and the number of followers .

Yes, I like you give a further motivation to keep publishing more and more content. Like the evolution in the number of followers. But what happens when you see new notifications coming from followers that start to follow you but the evolution of this counter is not what it should be.

Very easy, although you gain new followers you are also losing them. How many users stop following you and who are they? Well that’s what we are going to see. Because it can be useful to know that data as long as you do not become obsessed. And it is that, like other indicators, it can be a good way to find out if what you publish generates interest or not.

To achieve this you can do it manually. The problem is that you will have to know in advance who was following you and who was not. For those with a very small number of followers or for very close contacts, it is possible. Just go to their profile and see if they follow you or not.

If your account already has a sizeable audience, better use third-party applications and services. Because Instagram does not offer you that detail, it focuses on the positives, on the notifications of new followers and I like it. Although, before giving permission to access your account you must know something.

  • The applications to monitor your Instagram profile will ask you for permission to access
  • The irresponsible use of certain available options may cause the suspension of your account or, in the worst case, the closure. So use each function carefully
  • When you do not need or want to stop using this service, in the Instagram security options revoke access and change the login password

Done, knowing all this, it is time to see what options we have to know how many people stop following us and, in some cases, who they are.

Applications to find out who stops following you

There is a wide variety of applications and services that allow you to know details such as the profiles that stop following you on Instagram. The vast majority offer practically the same options, because they ultimately make use of the same APIs that the platform provides to developers.

Below we list all the ones that we find most interesting, although later we will recommend the ones that we have used to find out this information of interest to many users. Of course, although they are free when they are downloaded, then most will require the payment of a subscription to access advanced and more complete functions or those offered after the initial trial order.

Applications for iOS and Android

  • FollowMeter ( iOS and Android )
  • Followers Tracker Pro ( iOS )
  • Follower Analyzer for Instagram ( Android )
  • Followers – No followers ( Android )
  • ( iOS and Android )
  • Analytic for Instagram ( iOS )
  • Followers, Likes tracker for IG ( Android )

FollowMeter is the application that we liked the most. Although it is true that they are very similar and there are aspects that are not convincing at all, if you want to have that constant data on the number of profiles that stop following you, it is a good option.

Services like Later, Hootsuite and the like also offer statistics and data related to the performance of your profile.

The relationship between new followers and those who leave

Obsessing over the number of followers on Instagram or any other platform is not recommended . What’s more, with no data you really have to lose your mind or it is easy to end aimlessly trying to please everyone. Something that is directly impossible.

Therefore, on Instagram that relationship between new followers and those who stop doing it should not overwhelm you unless it is negative. If you are losing more followers than you gain, you may have to think about whether you are publishing content of interest. But as long as your goal is to grow in audience.

If you are looking to be true to your style and interests, you don’t have to. Although looking for that trending content, that virality, etc., can facilitate rapid growth and opt for things like having a greater impact or features such as being able to link from Instagram with the classic Swipe Up .

So, in those cases, if you see that you are losing from a specific date you can review your during those days to get clues about whether it is due to lack of consistency and rhythm or simply due to a change in themes. With that analysis you can propose a new strategy or try to make some changes.