How to Know What Services Our Facebook Data Has Shared

When we use our social networks we have a wide range of possibilities. We can share images and videos, give our opinion or just be in touch with friends and family. We have many services at our disposal. However, we must also bear in mind that social networks can put our privacy at risk. In this article we will talk about it. We will explain how to see what third-party services have shared our Facebook information and how to avoid it.


The problem of privacy in social networks

In social networks we can give a lot of personal information . We share a lot of data and are not always safe. They can put our privacy at risk and affect our security in some way, since we could even enter a spam campaign.

If we talk about a very popular social network that is Facebook . It is undoubtedly one of the most used. It is present in most devices and offers a lot of functions. You also have to keep in mind that you have been immersed in various controversies that have affected your reputation.

However, this is not something that we should apply only to this social network. There are many more that can share data and information of users and sometimes we can even end up in advertising campaigns, spam and facilitate so that possible bots add us to the social network. This, in turn, could lead to security problems that put our devices at risk and, of course, our own privacy.

Facebook has shared user information with third parties. It should also be mentioned that the services we add to the social network, where we log in or give you permission to share data, can affect our privacy. Luckily, the social network lets us know what third-party services have shared information about us through Facebook. Let’s explain how to see it.

How to see what services have shared Facebook information

To see what services have shared our Facebook information we simply have to follow a series of simple steps. In a short time we will know what platforms have at some time been able to share our data or information about us through the network.

For this, the first thing we have to do is enter Facebook. Once we are in the social network we have to go to Settings and then to Your Facebook information .

Información compartida en Facebook

Here we will see a series of options and the one that interests us is that of Activity outside of Facebook , which is the one that appears the fourth. Keep in mind that the activity outside of Facebook is all the information that third parties share with the social network about our interactions on their pages or platforms.

When visiting a website or using an application, companies or organizations can share information about that activity with Facebook. This way they can customize the user experience, for example. However, it is something that could affect our privacy, as we can imagine.

If we click on the right where it says Manage your activity outside of Facebook we can see all the companies or pages that have collected information from us and shared it with the social network. We can see the date and the amount of activities.

If we want to eliminate a specific one, we simply have to click on it and click on Disable future activity.

In short, by following these steps we have mentioned, we will be able to have more knowledge about what companies share with us with Facebook. The list of services can be very wide depending on the number of pages we have visited or applications that we use. It is convenient to take a look at this section to learn more about how you can share our information and who does it.