Do you want to know the code of a color on a website? Firefox helps you

As most of you have probably been able to see first-hand, Internet browsers are becoming more and more complete. These offer us the best browsing experience, as well as a series of useful functions that will be very helpful. Here we refer to programs of the popularity of Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

All this is something that is increasing through the constant updates that developers release for their projects. These refer to both functional, interface or security sections of the program. In this way, in addition to navigating through an application with a pleasant appearance, we have all the necessary functions and we are also sufficiently protected.

code of a color on a website

Of course, there are always users who want to go one step further in this regard, and that is precisely where the popular extensions or add-ons come into play. These are software elements that we additionally install in the program to increase its functionality in some way. What’s more, some of these features that third-party extensions present to us, over time are natively integrated into the browser itself. This is precisely the case that we are going to talk about next with a utility that has gained integers over time in Mozilla’s Firefox.

It is evident that one of the most striking sections of the web pages that we visit is everything related to its visual aspect . Here elements such as the different levels of color and shades used come into play. Because of this both end users and developers and designers may sometimes need to capture a certain color code.

Capture color codes directly in Firefox

At first this may seem a bit complex, so from a time to this part certain extensions began to appear that helped us. Thus, we could install these in the Mozilla browser, Firefox, to get a certain code of the tonality in which we were interested. For example, a clear case of all this would be to use that color in your own project.

However, there came a time when the firm considered that it was preferable to implement its own functionality for this type of specific task. Therefore, in the event that we want to capture the color code on any website we visit , we can do it directly in Firefox. To achieve this, the first thing we do is load the selected website completely so that it appears on the screen. Once we have the tonality in sight, we open the browser menu through the button that is represented by three horizontal lines.

Among the options that appear here, we opted for the More tools drop-down list. Here we find what interests us to be able to activate the functionality called Recogecolor. Therefore, we only have to click on it so that a magnification circle appears on the screen that will allow us to capture exactly the pixel with the desired color.

color Firefox

The function as such will show us the color code in real time, although if we click with the mouse, it will automatically copy itself into the system’s papers portal.