Klu Extension: Search Emails in Multiple Gmail Accounts

If we spend many hours in front of the computer, whether working or studying, it is most likely that we have several Gmail accounts so as not to mix up emails. If so, a common problem we face is finding an email that we have received, but we do not know in which email we received it.

The Multi-Account Dilemma

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This can be a problem that, if we have free time, we can quickly solve by opening and closing a session with the Gmail accounts that we usually use. But, there is a much simpler method that allows us to search for emails in all accounts together. We are talking about the Klu extension.

Effortless Email Searching with Klu

Klu is an extension available in the Chrome Web Store that allows us to jointly access several Google accounts to save time and without having to open and log out of each of the accounts that we need to use and/or consult, so which is the best tool to search for Gmail emails at the same time. But, in addition, it also allows us to search for files if, as with Gmail, we use several different accounts to store files.

Getting Started with Klu

Search Gmail emails from multiple accounts

The first thing we must do as soon as we install Klu is click on the extension to create an account, an account where we will include all the Google accounts where we want to perform searches. We can use any Google account to open an account. Once we have created the account, we click on the extension again and then click on the gear wheel to select the Manage integration option .

Adding Multiple Accounts

Next, a new browser tab will open where we must add all the accounts where we want to perform the searches, whether they are Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive accounts or any other. Since we are interested in searching for emails in several Gmail accounts, we are going to select the first Gmail option and click on Connect.

Search Gmail emails from multiple accounts

Searching Across Accounts

To search all the email accounts and platforms that we have associated with Klu, we just have to use the search box above. To access the email that interests us, we just have to click on it to open it, it is not necessary to change our browser session, Klu will do it for us at all times.

More Than Just Email

Just as we can use it to search for emails on different platforms, we can also use it to search for files in Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox , as well as to search for information in Slack, Trello and Notion on a certain topic. The number of integrations with platforms is somewhat limited, however, according to the developer, it is working to expand it in the future. This is, without a doubt, an essential application for any user who works interchangeably with multiple storage and email accounts.