Keep the Screen of a Motorola on When Looking at It

The screen of our phone is the most important external element, and logically we spend many hours a day looking at it to enjoy our favorite content. Sometimes it turns off at the most inopportune moment. Something that you can easily avoid with this function of your Motorola mobile , which keeps the screen on while you look at it.

These types of solutions are already veteran in our mobiles, because they are very useful, and do not consume many resources from our phone. In the case of Motorola mobiles, it has a native functionality that prevents the screen from turning off.

Activate it thanks to a Moto action

The idea in this case is that our Motorola mobile can recognize that we are looking at the screen, and that when it is so, avoid turning it off. It is not uncommon for us to find ourselves looking at the screen and we are forced to press it every several seconds or minutes so that it does not turn off.

pantalla motorola

This will not have to be done with a Moto action activated. This thanks to the sensors of the phone will know if you are close to the screen looking at it or not. In such a way that it will not be necessary to touch anything for the screen to remain activated. A function that when we use it will make us forget that we ever had to press the screen so that it would not turn off.

How active?

Well, it is very simple, because it is a motorcycle action integrated in Motorola phones of any range, so you will find it easily. For this we must do the following:

  • Open the application drawer of your Motorola
  • Click on the app “Moto”
  • Select the three horizontal stripes in the upper left
  • Press “Moto Screen”
  • Activate the “Attentive display” function

pantalla motorola

Once we do, the function is activated by default , so it will start to work its magic automatically. Now you will no longer have to be aware of touching the screen so that it does not turn off. The function will be active in the background, and therefore we will not have to worry about anything, just to enjoy the contents of our phone without fear that the screen will turn off at the least opportune moment. Logically, if for some reason you no longer want this function to be active, you just have to deactivate it on demand. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting motorcycle actions that we can activate on our phone, and that makes its use with any type of content much more comfortable.