How to Keep the Phone Standing on the Table: Accessories and Tricks

It has not happened to all mobile users that we need to place the mobile on a table and keep it standing, but this is not as simple as it might seem. After trying to hold the phone on the table with various objects that slip or fall, we have given up and have ended up using our hands, so we want to help you by showing some alternatives that may be useful.

Keep the Phone Standing on the Table: Accessories and Tricks

If we use our own ingenuity, we can think of some ideas with which we can get a mobile phone holder without spending money , but if we want something more resistant, durable and with possibilities, we also show you alternatives. Be that as it may, we will be able to keep the mobile standing on any surface and thus be able to watch movies, series or give the use we want to our mobile.

Homemade mobile mounts

We start with crafts, an activity that can be enjoyable and fun while being practical for what we need. No need to spend money and with only cardboard or rolls of paper we will get everything we need.

Steps to make a paper roll holder

Before we begin we will repair the items we need, the most important is a roll of worn kitchen paper to use the cardboard. We also have to use scissors, thumbtacks and glue if we want to improve the result.

  • To start we cut an opening in the center of the roll , where we will place the mobile.
  • Then we put the pins as feet , two in the front and another two in the back.
  • Finally if we want we can decorate it by gluing some type of paper.

soporte movil casero

As we can see in the image the result is more than satisfactory, we also value that we can do it to the exact measure of our mobile and that the cost is practically zero euros.

Support with cardboard

Using a cardboard box that we have at home we will also be able to make a cut adapted to our mobile. We only have to cut the necessary parts according to the size of our mobile and we will improve the previous result because it will not touch any part of the screen.

  • First, we measure the size of the mobile and cut the part that will hold the mobile.
  • Then we cut different pieces of cardboard depending on the desired result and the inclination.
  • With strong cardboard glue we glue the parts and let it dry.

soporte movil carton casero

In a few minutes we will have a support thought and devised by ourselves. You must be careful with it because a bad blow could take its toll, but it is undeniably a valid solution.

Accessories to hold the mobile

If we look for a lasting solution even if we have to make a small investment, we find different supports that perfectly meet what we want. Once we receive it, we will only have to place it on our mobile and start enjoying it.

Support for mobile and tablet

The first option that we find also takes utility for those who have a tablet, this support that is placed on any table or flat surface makes it easy for us to be compatible with any size and that we can also be sure that it will not fall or move because it includes rubber in the back and side of the device. In the central part there is also a small space to charge the mobile while standing on the accessory.

soporte movil mesa

Tripod as a resource to anywhere

This accessory is another tool that gives us double utility because we are going to be able to use it when we are at home to watch movies, placing it on practically any surface. When we want to use it with a tripod we just have to repeat the process, place it and use the included bluetooth accessory to take photos.

tripode movil

Table or bed support

Another alternative that may be what we are looking for is this accessory that is anchored to a stable surface and through its extendable arm we can place it wherever we want. It can be placed on the table as we can see and it is also very useful if we use the mobile in bed. It has 360-degree rotation and fasteners that allow you to grip the mobile in a resistant way, compatible with screens up to 7 inches.

soporte mesa movil