It's not just the password; this is key to protect your WiFi

There is no doubt that protecting the Wi-Fi network is essential to avoid problems. It is something that will maintain a good connection, with good speed and without cuts. However, we usually focus on the Wi-Fi key. But in this article we are going to talk to you about why you should take into account other factors that are also very important. We are going to explain what you should look beyond the password to protect your wireless network and not have problems.

What to look for to know if the Wi-Fi is protected

this is key to protect your WiFi

Even if you have the best possible password, it is essential to look at other things to verify that the security is correct. It is something that you should look at from time to time to avoid intruders, make the wireless network work as well as possible and always have good Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

Look at the type of encryption

Something you should always look at is what type of encryption you are using. If you have a good password but bad encryption, that can allow an intruder to break into your network. Keep in mind that there are outdated ciphers, such as WEP or WPA. They are the ones that are used especially in old routers.

To protect your network as much as possible, you should ideally use more current encryption. The strongest is WPA-3, but as a default you can use WPA-2. Modern routers have WPA-3 encryption, but not many devices support it yet and in that case you will have to use WPA-2.

Router con cifrado WPA3

Check if the router is up to date

Of course, another key point is to have the router updated . This is essential to prevent attacks and achieve good performance. If there is a bug in the firmware, it is important that you correct it as soon as possible. There are numerous attacks against the router that we must avoid to improve security.

Some routers update automatically, but in other cases you will have to do it manually. Depending on the model, you will have to access the settings and look for the section to update the firmware. Never leave an outdated version.

Use good password to access the router

Another factor that you should look at carefully is the password to enter the router configuration . We are not talking about the Wi-Fi key, but to access the settings. Of course it is important that you change the one that comes from the factory, but also that you use one that is safe and thus prevents an intruder from entering.

A good password is one that has letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. In addition, it must be totally random, not use names or numbers that relate to us and, if possible, change it periodically to avoid problems that may arise.

In short, as you can see, it is essential that you protect your Wi-Fi network. But it is important that you take into account what we have explained and not only the password of the wireless network. This will help you maintain security at all times and not have any risk that may affect other devices that you have connected.