Is there a way to remove the insurance on Wallapop?

Wallapop Protect ‘s insurance is a good alternative if we want to have the peace of mind that other platforms such as PayPal give when buying on eBay, assuring the buyer that they will receive the merchandise and that it will be as the advertiser stated in their ad, or if not, they will receive your money back and you won’t lose it to possible fraud and scams.

For a few years, 2017 to be exact, Wallapop added this Wallapop Protect, an insurance that can allow us to be more covered against some of the Wallapop scams, but that makes the price of the product more expensive by having to pay for the service.

Is there a way to remove the insurance on Wallapop

What is Wallapop Protect?

Wallapop Protect is a payment service that Wallapop offers to its customers to give greater guarantees to payments and shipments of items , especially those that must be sent by mail to buyers. It does not imply an extra expense for the seller and provides greater confidence for the seller, but the latter will see the added insurance affect the price.

“It is important to create insurance and offer guarantees to buyers and sellers within the service itself, to protect payment, shipment and guarantee the security of the user and their transactions, as well as to promote secure exchanges between users of the platform itself. »



The main characteristics of how Wallapop works is the direct contact between the seller and the buyer, and in this way the platform once again acted as an intermediary, with this insurance for buyers, since they pay directly to the platform and the money is protected by Wallapop in a bank deposit until the product is received and it is verified that it is complete and in good condition.

If the item arrives in poor condition, is incomplete or is different from what the seller had announced, the service also covers returns. It also protects against possible fraud and not receiving the merchandise, since, if 48 hours have passed since the item should have been delivered, the money is returned to the buyer.

Can we remove Wallapop’s insurance?

The simple and blunt answer is no. If we use Wallapop Shipments, Protect is part of the complete package . In fact, to a certain extent, we could consider that more than insurance, it is simply the commission that the platform charges for acting as an intermediary in sending the products. This management fee amounts to 10% of the price of the item (1.95 euros for items priced less than 25 euros) which is assumed by the buyer at the time of making the payment.

Wallapop Protect

Wallapop Protect

However, there are alternatives to not buying on Wallapop in this way . The first is to go back to the platform’s origins, when deals were made by hand. The pandemic has prevented us from risking human contact for a few years, but in the current situation everything is much simpler. With a deal in hand, we can choose alternative forms of payment such as Bizum or cash and check first-hand if everything is OK.

In the case of needing the product to be delivered to your home, once again you do not need to make the payment through Wallapop. In this case, you could ask the seller to send the product by cash on delivery, a method in which the delivery of the shipment is made after payment by the recipient, for the amount that appears in the shipment. In this way, the advertiser ensures that the Post Office or another courier company pays for the service and the buyer that the product arrives and will be able to carry out a visual inspection on site.

The last one is to look for alternative services that protect in the same way as Wallapop Protect, but are somewhat cheaper. For example, the Beseif payment and shipping method solves this situation and the price of the service is only 3%.