Is the TicWatch Pro 3 Worth It? A Look at User-Reported Problems

Notably, the TicWatch Pro 3 redefined our daily interaction with digital landscapes by integrating Google’s Wear OS. Despite the effort of users, a series of technical and compatibility issues have led to a significant amount of disappointment.

TicWatch 3 Pro

The 3 Most Common Issues are:

– The TicWatch Pro 3 has been a subject of many complaints, both general and TicWatch Pro 3-specific.

1. Application Limitations

The main cause of concern is the difficulty in connecting with smartphones. Restarting or resetting devices is a common strategy for ensuring proper pairing, which may require waiting for the battery to drain. It should be noted that there are some limitations with Google Assistant and other integrated apps.

2. Touch Navigation

Daily touch navigation on the TicWatch Pro 3 has its downsides. Comparisons with Apple‘s digital crown usually result in poor ratings for the TicWatch Pro 3.

3. Black screen and Software update deferred.

Overheating and the dreaded black screen are the catalysts for significant issues in user experience. A frustrated user named David S. Navarro took to Amazon to share his experience of the watch overheating after a shower and suffering disconnections and pairing problems post-update.

Specific User Experiences

David S. Navarro: The system was reported to have overheating problems and frequent disconnects.

Reddit Users: Battery heating has been found to cause the black screen issues, as documented.

How to fix the TicWatch Pro 3’s black screen problem: Find out the most effective solutions.

Observe the watch’s behavior if the screen turns black and it appears to be functioning normally. Here’s a step-by-step guide to potentially resolve this issue:Here’s a step-by-step guide to potentially resolve this issue:

Plug in the Charger: Begin by using a basic 1. 0A charger.

Wait for the Vibration: When the TicWatch logo is displayed, unplug the charger before the battery status is displayed.

Repeat if Necessary: Repeat the starting process to rectify any issues with the watch.

Try Different Cables or Chargers: In case the screen refuses to turn on, verify that the cable or charger is not the issue by switching to a different one with compatible specifications.

Warranty Claim: If the previous solutions do not produce results and the device is covered by warranty, start a claim for a new unit.


The TicWatch Pro 3, with its innovative features, is hampered by various performance and reliability issues. While some troubles have solutions, others are more problematic. Before making a purchase, users thinking about this watch should evaluate these factors thoroughly. – Although many errors can be resolved, their frequency and severity are a significant issue that compromises the overall user experience.