Is the new black Xbox Series S with 1 TB worth it?

During its Showcase conference, Xbox unveiled a new variant of the Xbox Series S console called the Xbox Series S Carbon Black. Unlike a full generational leap, this edition offers a sleek carbon black color scheme along with increased internal storage, giving users more options without necessitating major hardware changes.

Space for many games


With the upcoming launch of Starfield, it appears that ample storage space will be essential on consoles, considering the vast universe created by Bethesda. This could be the reason behind Microsoft‘s introduction of the new Xbox Series S Carbon Black, coinciding with the game’s release week.

In addition to sporting the same sleek color as its larger counterpart, the Xbox Series X, this version comes equipped with a generous 1 TB storage capacity, effectively doubling the original memory of the compact Microsoft console. This expanded storage addresses one of the console’s limitations, as 512 GB can prove insufficient when installing multiple high-quality games, particularly for those enjoying the abundance of titles available through Game Pass.

More GB, more euros

As anticipated, the price of this new model will surpass the official price of 299 euros (although it is often available for purchase at 269 euros). However, this price increase can be well justified by the enhanced capacity it offers.

Considering that the new version is priced at 349 euros, paying an additional 50 euros for an extra 512 GB of SSD storage doesn’t seem excessive when we consider that the official 512 GB expansion card costs approximately 150 euros.


Xbox Series S Carbon Black

Setting aside the color and storage differences, this Xbox Series S is essentially identical to the previously known model. This means that the console will maintain a maximum resolution of 1440p (although it supports 4K video output) and may deliver lower performance in certain games compared to the Series X.

The Series S offers the advantage of omitting the Blu-ray drive for those who don’t require it. It boasts an extremely compact and portable design, while still providing access to the new generation features such as Quick Resume, minimal loading times, games running at 120 FPS, and the ability to enjoy Ray Tracing.

Book it now

Starting from September 1, the new Xbox Series S Carbon Black will be available for purchase at a price of 349.99 euros. However, you have the option to reserve it today through the official Xbox store and authorized distributors.