Is it safe and reliable to update drivers with CCleaner?

When talking about the software that is part of our operating system, on many occasions we do not pay due attention to the drivers or controllers. These are more important than we could imagine at first, and there are also programs that help us manage them, as is the case with CCleaner .

These small software elements are what are responsible for making the operating system as such and the component to which they belong, understandable. Otherwise, everything that we installed or connected to the PC would probably not work. In the same way, these drivers are responsible for adding new functions or behaviors to the installed hardware and that its manufacturer has developed. Therefore, keeping these elements up to date and up-to-date is essential.

Is it safe and reliable to update drivers with CCleaner

Otherwise, it is possible that we find ourselves with constant failures in the computer and in a good part of its hardware components. To update these drivers that we are commenting on, we only have to access the Device Manager and right-click on each of the components that we see here. If any of them are marked with a yellow icon, it means that they have a serious problem . But at the same time we find certain software solutions that help us in this type of task.

A clear example of all this can be found in the popular program that we have mentioned before, CCleaner. Among the many Windows cleaning and optimization functions offered by this software, we find one especially focused on updating these elements. Now, many users may wonder how safe and reliable it is to keep our Windows drivers updated through this program.

Why is CCleaner unreliable for updating drivers?

At this point, the first thing we need to know are the WHQL drivers . To give you an idea, these drivers, also known as Windows Hardware Quality Labs , are the ones that have been tested and are compatible with the Windows system. In fact, WHQL provides its own tests to external developers so that they can test the compatibility of their products with the operating system.

Thus, if they meet the requirements of these tests , they will be compatible with the Microsoft operating system. In addition, they can display the brand logo on their marketing elements. They’re also listed on the software giant’s hardware compatibility list, known as HCL. But with everything and with it, contrary to what happens with other similar proposals, CCleaner Driver Updater does not guarantee the use of WHQL drivers . At least they do not indicate this specific information among the characteristics of the product on their official website, as is the case with other products.

It is precisely for this reason that some users may be wary about the reliability of the drivers used here. On the contrary, as an example, the proposal to update drivers offered by the IObit firm with Driver Booster does make it clear that the drivers used here have passed the WHQL test.

This does not mean that we will always have problems with the drivers that are downloaded through the CCleaner application. However, we are more likely to run into some kind of incompatibility. All this if we compare this application with some others from the competition that offer the same services.