Is it possible to use GCam to take photos on your iPhone?

Everyone wants to make the most of the properties of their mobile phone’s camera , although sometimes the poor technology used for its development achieves impressive results. However, to meet this requirement there is the GCam.

use GCam to take photos on your iPhone

Google’s photographic software manages to significantly improve the images captured with the smartphone, in addition to taking advantage of some of the tools that it brings. At first, this application was exclusive to the terminals of the American company, but thanks to the work of various developers, an APK has emerged that you can install on practically any Android device. On the other hand, some users wonder if there is any way to install it on Apple smartphones, although before then perhaps you should solve the camera problems of your iPhone.

Unfortunately, we already anticipated that there is no method to download GCam on an iPhone. Be careful, this does not mean that other applications do not appear on the scene that perfectly fulfill their work of similarity with the Google photo app. In fact, you can choose from a wide variety, but given the impressive photographic capabilities of iPhones we don’t need great features. That is why the best option for them is what is known as NeuralCam .

Ideal for night photos

You can find a wide range of possibilities among the applications that aim to reach GCam in terms of image information processing and improvement by Artificial Intelligence, but none of them can accurately recreate the results of this. Even so, NeuralCam, despite not offering the same quality, works in a similar way.

NeuralCam Modo noche

Unfortunately, it is impossible to take advantage of the same functions as the original application. In fact, the number of those available for iOS is considerably reduced, but if this software stands out for something, it is for its night mode , which for many users is the best you can find on iPhone.

Aimed at previous models

It should be noted that it is aimed especially at those consumers who still have relatively old Apple devices such as the iPhone XR. A smartphone that, despite having the most recent update of the operating system, does not bring a Night Mode . A fact that seriously hampers captures made in low light. Below, you can see for yourself a comparison between the iPhone SE using NeuralCam, the night mode of the iPhone 11 Pro and the Night Vision mode of the Google Pixel 4.

In the rest of the situations, excessive changes are not appreciated, since the results that you can achieve are almost identical to those of the default sensor of the Apple terminal. On the other hand, you should know that this application is not free and that you will have to pay a slight amount of 3.99 euros in the App Store to enjoy NeuralCam’s Night Mode.

If you are passionate about photography, it is almost certain that this camera will more than meet your expectations. Since, although it does not integrate such interesting properties as GCam, you can increase the quality of the images in certain situations.