Is it better to use a free VPN or not to have one?

Using VPN is very interesting in order to protect privacy when browsing. For example, it allows you to hide the real IP address. That will prevent the websites you access from knowing where you are physically. There are many options available, but not all of them are going to work the same. Now, is it better to use a free VPN or not to have one at all ? In this article we are going to raise this debate and we are going to talk about why you have to be careful with it.

A free VPN can be a bad idea

Is it better to use a free VPN or not to have one

To improve security on many occasions it is essential to use a VPN. A clear example is when we browse through a public Wi-Fi network , such as in a shopping center or airport. There our personal data could be exposed and it is necessary to take measures to avoid it.

But what if you use a free VPN? Maybe it’s even worse than surfing those public networks directly, without protection. Why do we say this? Hackers can create free VPNs simply for the purpose of sneaking in some malware or compromising security in some way.

Also, VPNs that are free can profit from user data . In other words, they are going to collect all the browsing data, the sites we visit, the social networks we use… All of this is going to have great value and they can use it to make a profit and obtain an economic benefit.

This makes using a free VPN an even worse solution. On the one hand, your privacy may be in danger as it could use your personal data; On the other hand, your security could also be compromised by using a program that may contain malware.

Error al usar VPN en el navegador

How to use these programs safely

So how can we use a VPN safely? Although not all free VPNs are going to be dangerous, it is true that the probability is much higher. Therefore, our first advice is to use a paid VPN , which is guaranteed. You can always inform yourself before installing it and thus verify that it works correctly.

Ideally, you should install a reputable VPN, about which you can find a lot of information on the Internet. Some good examples are ExpressVPN or NordVPN. You should always download them from official sources and avoid unwarranted third party sites as they could have been maliciously modified.

Also, you need to make sure that the VPN is properly updated . Otherwise it could have vulnerabilities and that can be exploited by a hacker to launch attacks. You should always have the latest versions and in this way have greater security that there will be no problems.

Another important factor is to analyze the type of encryption of the VPN. That is what will allow the connection to travel in an encrypted, secure way, and your information will not be compromised at any time. This will also help minimize the risk of privacy issues.

In short, as you have seen, you can have security problems when using a free VPN. It is important that you always choose very well which one you are going to install and it could even become a problem if you compare it with not using any VPN to navigate on public networks.