Is it better to buy an iPad than a Mac?

One of the objectives that Apple has is to ensure that more and more users can replace the functions of a computer with an iPad. However, this transition is costing more than the Cupertino company would like, especially given the limitations that the iPad has today. However, in this post we are going to tell you in which cases users can use the iPad as if it were their computer.

Cases in which it is better to buy an iPad

Is it better to buy an iPad than a Mac

That the iPad today does not reach the level of a Mac is something obvious, in the same way that it is also obvious to say that the Apple tablet is one of the most versatile and versatile devices that you can find on the market thanks to the multitude of functions that it can carry out, as well as the great variety of needs that it can cover. This is due to the fact that, despite the fact that at the productivity level it cannot yet reach the Mac , it is at a point where it is completely adaptable for many users who have very basic needs, in addition to being also a device ideal for moments of leisure in which users want to relax by consuming content or even playing one of their favorite video games.

iPad Air + monitor

However, we are going to focus on the productivity section. As we said, the iPad is a very versatile device, largely thanks to the number of accessories that surround it and that undoubtedly multiply its potential. Therefore, for many users who simply want a device where they can make basic text documents, write, check emails, surf the Internet and browse social networks , the iPad is an ideal device for it, even more so than the Mac. way that it is for many design professionals , thanks to the Apple Pencil and the large number and variety of apps present in the App Store. Therefore, in some cases, the iPad can already be the ideal replacement for the Mac, and even a better option for many users.

Cases in which it is better to buy a Mac

On the other hand, it is obvious that in the vast majority of cases, the purchase of a Mac is going to be much more recommended than that of an iPad, given that the possibilities when it comes to being able to use third-party applications and programs are not present. in the App Store are vital for many users who move in many work environments.

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In addition, many professional applications are still not present and suitable for use on the iPad , leaving the Mac as the only solution for those users who use them. A very clear example of this is Final Cut Pro. Therefore, obviously buying a Mac to work is going to be the most appropriate in the vast majority of cases given the multiple possibilities and, above all, because it is not going to require a learning to be able to take advantage of a device that has cost you so much money from the first moment. And it is that this last reason is one of the main obstacles for many users, since many things can be done on the iPad, just like on the Mac, only the way to do it is different and, therefore, a period of time is needed. adaptation that many users are not willing to go through.