Is FaceTime Free or Must I Pay? Definitely Resolved

Whether you’re new to an iPhone or any other Apple device, and even as a veteran, you may still be wondering if FaceTime is free. This popular video call service that is available to all teams on the block is very useful as an alternative to other apps, since in addition to being native and optimized, it allows up to 32 people in the same call. There are video or audio only, but do I have to pay for it? We finally resolve this doubt that has historically given so much to talk about.

FaceTime is half free

Is FaceTime Free or Must I Pay

If you are already enjoying FaceTime on your devices, you should know that making and receiving calls does not cost anything . It is a completely free function, since there will be no charge for call establishment or anything similar. It works via WiFi or mobile data, so in the end its price will be included in it like any other internet function such as surfing the internet or watching videos on YouTube.

Of course, when you set it up for the first time , you may be charged on your telephone operator’s bill. This is not always the case and there are more and more companies that do not charge to activate this service, but there are still cases where they do.

The amount is not too high, around 40 or 60 euro cents, although we recommend contacting your company to find out the exact price they put on this activation. As we say, it is not something that should throw us back because it is an almost anecdotal cost, but it is certainly cumbersome if we have several devices in which to activate it or we have to restore the iPhone. It should be noted that it will not be charged monthly or anything similar.

How to know if you have FaceTime activated

FaceTime activado

Now, knowing that you may be charged a small fee to activate the service is when you can ask yourself whether or not it is activated on your devices. The way to verify it is very simple, although it varies depending on the device in which you are going to look at it.

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Open Settings
  • Go to FaceTime.
  • Check if the tab is green or not. If it is not it will not be activated, but if it is you will find your phone number and Apple ID associated with your account and with which both this service and that of iMessage will work.

On a Mac

  • Open the FaceTime app.
  • If it opens correctly and its usual interface appears, it will already be activated. If not, follow the steps below to activate it.
    • Enter your email associated with the Apple ID or your phone number.
    • Enter the password if required.
    • Press accept.

It’s that simple to check if you have FaceTime activated or not on your devices. We believe it is a service that is very worthwhile if you have several Apple computers and if you know more people who have them. In any case, if you are concerned about the fact of collection, contact your telephone operator as we have commented in the first section of this article.