How to Test Your Intelligence Level with IQ Test App

brain-7Measuring the intelligence of a person is something tremendously complex even in the middle of 2020 and that needs thorough and detailed tests on many aspects. Gardner established seven types of intelligence : linguistic-verbal, physical-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic. And as a result of his contribution and that of other specialists, what is understood by intelligence today is much more than knowledge and skill.

It is said that intelligence is adaptation to the environment : the better you adapt, the smarter you are. However, that only gives us a slight idea of how intelligent we can be. To know this in a more approximate and “numerical” way, that is, to quantify our intelligence , we use the IQ or IQ . And what is the IQ? Well, it is exactly that, a way to measure our intelligence numerically.

An average person usually has an IQ of approximately 100 . If an IQ greater than 100 is achieved, it is more intelligent than the average (for example, Einstein had an IQ of 160) and a lower score means that it is (somehow) less intelligent.

On the other hand, these tests are in constant development, and do not measure each one’s abilities 100% , since as individuals we are extremely complex beings and as we have mentioned before, with different virtues and different types of intelligence. However, this type of evidence can offer us a slight idea of how intelligent we are.

These tests are often performed by professionals and can be somewhat expensive , but thanks to the technology we have today, we can do this kind of thing for free . Android applications to measure intelligence like the one I bring you today, offer you this type of service. The app is called IQ Test , and you can download it from the Play Store through this link:

IQ test is an IQ (intelligence quotient in English) meter . To do this, it is based on a series of tests based on Raven’s standard progressive matrices . They were named as their creator John C. Raven, who developed them as a nonverbal abstract thought test. This multiple choice test measures your fluid intelligence , your reasoning and your ability to solve problems . This allows the app to relate the result obtained in these tests with your general intelligence.

The test assesses the understanding of the complexity of patterns , as well as the ability to store and retrieve information ( data retention ). It also provides information on the ability to observe, solve problems and learn.

The test measures a subset of intellectual abilities based on which you draw totally valid conclusions about the general intelligence of a person, and the results are approximate , so if what you are looking for is to know your IC with total accuracy, you should contact a specialist to provide you with personalized attention, and thus be able to consider aspects that influence your general intelligence.

The test has 60 questions , which are becoming more complex as we go, so the latest tests can be quite difficult, although we should not despair if we fail to solve them, since if we performed all of them correctly, we would probably have a higher IQ Sheldon Cooper’s or Rick Sánchez’s.