iPhone takes a long time to charge: how to make it charge fast

If you are having a problem with charging times on your iPhone , don’t worry. It is not ruled out that they are major problems, but a priori it could be a small problem with an easy solution at your fingertips. There are several aspects to review that can make your iPhone charge faster or, at least, charge in normal times if it is now excessively slow. We tell you all about it in this post.

iPhone takes a long time to charge

These problems may not really exist

If you have recently acquired the iPhone or you had never noticed the charging times it has, you should know that Apple smartphones do not exactly stand out for having a good fast charge. Let’s see, it is not that it is bad, but it is not the fastest and less if we compare it with the record times that other devices of the competition mark.

In the most recent iPhone models these aspects have been improved, but in no case will you find the possibility of charging it from 0% to 100% in less than an hour or an hour and a half. Therefore, and despite the fact that in the following sections we will explain what checks you can do, you should take this into account because it may be a bad perception on your part.

About wireless charging

In line with this, if you are charging your iPhone through a charging base, we can foresee that the problem is there. It is not that it cannot be recharged in this way, since this capacity exists in iPhone 8 and later models. However, the Qi standard, which Apple uses to allow this charging, might not be entirely beneficial for charging times.

Although it not only depends on the base as such, but also on the adapter, the truth is that in some accessories of this type it is possible to find that the iPhone automatically charges slower as a preventive measure. In some cases, the device may suffer a certain overheating that could be harmful to it, and the system is responsible for reducing charging times, causing it to not even recharge at times.

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In this case, the recommendation would be that you try to buy a charging base that gives greater protection to your iPhone, guaranteeing good times. Failing that, you can resort to the classic charging cable which, although it may be less ‘cool’, in the end is the method by which the best charging times for the Apple mobile are guaranteed.

Possible problems with charging accessories

Again and as we indicated with the case of the charging bases, if you are doing it by cable , the first thing you should consider is that it is this or the adapter that fails. Next we will explain the main problems of these.

Check if they have an MFi certificate

If you didn’t know, MFi stands for “Made For iPhone”, also valid for iPod or iPad. It is a certificate carried by some accessories for these devices that, despite not being manufactured by Apple, have full guarantees of operation as if they were the originals. You can check if your charging cable and / or adapter is original in its box or instruction book. If you threw it away, you can check it with the model name on the internet.

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If your accessory does not have this certificate, and despite the fact that what we will comment on later for the originals can also serve you in these, there are high possibilities that it is its inauthenticity that is the cause of the problems. Therefore, in these cases, what we recommend is to get an MFi charger pack, which can cost a little more than the non-original ones, but can also be cheap.

If they are the original Apple or MFi

If the cable and / or adapter you are using is the one that came in the iPhone box, there is no doubt that it is original. Therefore there should be no problems regarding its compatibility or safety of use. The same if it is MFi. Now, why is your iPhone charging so slow? Well there are several factors.

The first of these is the power of the charging adapter . The cube that you connect to the current must have a power not less than 5w , this being the charging standard of the iPhone. Although it is also the slowest. It should be noted that although the current limits of the most recent models are at 18w, you can use one with much more power, although it will always be limited to those 18w.

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Something that we recommend you do to avoid problems with what comes to be the cable, is that you try to disconnect it and reconnect it . It sounds absurd, yes, but it is possible that it had not made good contact with the iPhone and therefore the load was slower. Once you rule out that this is the problem, you should try cleaning the phone connector.

No matter how careful you are with your smartphone, it is inevitable that small particles of dust or other dirt will get into the charging port . At the end of the day it is exposed to it and it will be enough that you carry it in your pocket so that some type of fluff can sneak in. And what this does in the end is prevent a correct connection.


Two accessories are especially recommended for cleaning: a soft-bristle toothbrush or a lint-free swab . And although there are special ones for these tasks, the ones you use to care for your teeth or ears could be useful. And although you could also try cleaning it with a small handheld vacuum cleaner , keep in mind that this can also move the dirt elsewhere in the end. It is not even disposable that it can be inserted inside the device, so in the end it is not one of the best options.

Once you have cleaned it, you should test to see if the load is working correctly. And if not, and in order to completely rule out the accessories, we advise you to try another cable or charger. If you have to buy it, you should make sure, as far as possible, that it is possible to return it in case the ones you already had worked correctly and were not the cause of the slow loading.

The bugs can also be in the iPhone itself

Discarded that it is the accessories that are causing problems, it is time to look at the iPhone. What should you do to check it? Well, in addition to having followed what was pointed out in previous sections, it is advisable that you try to update the device .

Keeping iPhone on its latest available software version will prevent software problems. And yes, it is true that this failure looks more like hardware. However, there may be cases that some type of error present in the operating system may slow down the load. This would be corrected in a more recent version, so we recommend you go to Settings> General> Software and check if there are any pending downloads.

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Bad battery or connector

Discarding the above, the only cause that occurs to us of an excessively slow load is that it is the connector that presents some type of failure. And, failing that, the battery itself that had a factory defect or excessive wear caused by a bad charge. Be that as it may, both cases are beyond your scope and it is best to turn to technical support .

Surely you have to request a face-to-face appointment to receive assistance, either at an Apple Store or SAT. For this reason, we recommend that you go to the Apple technical support website and look for this way to go to a professional who can check the device and offer you a solution. If the terminal is still under warranty and it is verified that it has not been misused, the repair will be completely free.