How to make your iPhone switches from light to dark mode automatically

iphone dark mode

Dark mode has become a highly popular feature among Apple users, gradually expanding to other operating systems as well. This sleek mode not only lends a more professional look to our devices but also offers screen protection and reduces eye strain by minimizing light intensity. Nevertheless, the light mode continues to be available on iPhones, allowing us to utilize the benefits of both modes. Are you curious to learn how? Read on in this article to discover all the details.

Combine light and dark

Before delving into the different modes, it’s crucial to understand the essence of dark mode. It’s a display setting that alters the colors of the background and foreground in the user interface. Instead of the traditional bright white background with dark text found in light mode, dark mode flips the colors, presenting a dark background with light text. To enable automatic switching between light and dark modes on your iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
2. Go to “Display & Brightness”.
3. Look for the “Appearance” option and choose between “Light” and “Dark”.
4. Below these options, you’ll find a toggle labeled “Automatic”.

ultra dark

Once you enable this option, you will have additional choices to schedule the transitions between light and dark mode. You can opt for “Dawn to Dusk,” which automatically adjusts modes based on local daylight hours, or “Custom,” allowing you to set your preferred hours for each mode.

Dark mode offers various advantages for iPhone users. For instance, devices with OLED screens, such as the iPhone X and newer models (excluding XR or 11), can experience significant power savings when using Dark Mode. On the other hand, older versions like the iPhone 8 or 7 also support dark mode, but the power savings are less noticeable due to their LCD screen technology. The reason OLED screens provide greater savings is that they can completely turn off pixels to display black, resulting in reduced power consumption.

Final Thoughts

It is worth noting that an iPhone consists of two primary components: the software and the applications. Therefore, when you enable dark mode, not all apps will automatically switch to this mode. Applications like WhatsApp and Facebook need to include dark mode support to adopt the new design, maintaining a certain level of “independence.”

On the other hand, apps such as Notes, Calendar, and Music fully support Apple’s native dark mode, and many third-party apps do as well. By combining both modes, you can benefit from using light mode during the day, which reduces eye strain and provides a more balanced brightness. As night falls, dark mode automatically activates, safeguarding your eyesight and promoting better sleep by reducing the emission of blue light.