iPhone keyboard not working: how to fix it

The iPhone keyboard is one of the most important things when handling a mobile, and if the use of the mobile fails, it will be greatly affected. If you have any problem with the keyboard of your iPhone, in this post we will give you some solutions so that you can fix it in a few steps.

iPhone keyboard not working: how to fix it

Why doesn’t the keyboard work?

It is not the most common, but there can always be errors in the keyboard of your iPhone . If this happens, you will hardly be able to use the iPhone since the keyboard is one of the fundamental parts of the mobile. That is why it is important to fix it as soon as possible.

The first thing you should do is see if you have the latest iOS update. Many times these small bugs occur in some update, and after a short time Apple releases another update to correct the errors. If this has not managed to update it, try the solutions that we propose below.

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so you can fix it

If after updating iOS, your keyboard still gives you problems, you should try other solutions. There are several most common errors that can occur, all with a simple solution that you can do yourself in a few steps. You will not need external tools or third party help, just your iPhone time and patience.

keyboard lag

If you’re typing an important message or email to someone and your keyboard can’t keep up, it means your iPhone has a problem with keyboard lag . The solution to the problem is to reset the keyboard dictionary, for which you must follow these steps:

  1. Launch your iPhone’s Settings app.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Click on Reset, you will have to scroll down to the button.
  4. Click on Reset keyboard dictionary.
  5. Enter the unlock code when prompted.

Frozen keyboard

When you are using the iPhone keyboard and it freezes or becomes unresponsive, you are not even able to type anything, it is a frozen keyboard issue . The most common solution to this problem is to restart or do a forced restart. If you don’t know how to do this type of reset, follow these steps.

If your iPhone can be turned off normally, just press and hold the power button until the power off message appears. Turn off the mobile and then restart your iPhone. If you can’t turn off your iPhone, press the power button and the home button at the same time. With this the keyboard should work normally again.

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The keyboard does not appear

Sometimes it happens that you are typing on the keyboard and it does not appear on the screen. To fix this problem you can try other keyboards instead of the default Apple keyboard. If all other keyboards don’t work, a quick fix is to simply restart your iPhone as explained before.

If it still does not work, then it is most likely that you will have to restore your iPhone because there may be a system problem. Restoration can be done through iTunes or iCloud. We are going to explain how to restore the mobile from iCloud and from iTunes in a few steps.

To restore your iPhone through iCloud, the first thing you need to do is go to the Settings app on your iPhone. Once there, click on General, then on Reset and finally on Erase all content and settings. It will ask you for the iPhone passcode, and once you enter it, everything will be erased. Before erasing it, you will have to make sure that your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network and you must have previously made a backup to later restore your device.

If what you want is to restore through iTunes, the first step you have to follow is to connect the iPhone to the computer where you have the backup and then launch iTunes. Next, click on your iPhone within iTunes and once there, select the Restore Backup option. Check the backups you have available, choose the most recent one and select Restore. Once you have done this, wait for the process to finish and you will have your iPhone restored.

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If you can’t fix it, contact Apple

If after trying these tips, your keyboard still doesn’t work, the problem may be something bigger than it seems. You will have to go somewhere to check that everything is fine and that it is not a hardware problem with your iPhone. If you want to make an appointment with Apple, there are several ways to do it to go in person.

Make an appointment at an Apple Store

When making an appointment at an Apple center, you must be clear about why you need to receive the assistance of a specialist employee. The most common, without a doubt, is to go to receive technical assistance , either for repairs that are within the guarantee or outside. The normal thing in most cases is that you go to the store unaware of what may happen and the employee with whom you have been summoned makes a diagnosis on the device to later admit it for repair free of charge under warranty or with your payment for this.

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Obviously, whenever you go to an Apple Store with a problem on your device, after carrying out the diagnosis that we have mentioned, you will be informed of everything that happens to your equipment and, of course, of the cost that the repair of the device could have. yourself, so you can decide if you really want to proceed with the repair or not.

Go to a SAT

If you don’t have any official Apple store nearby, you have another solution. This solution is to go to a SAT. These are stores that are approved by Apple to repair, troubleshoot, and sell Apple products. By taking your product to this type of establishment you do not lose the guarantee, which is why it is a very good option in many cases. Another advantage is that many times you don’t have the wait that you have in the Apple Store.

Apple Store Barcelona

To go to a SAT it is necessary, in many cases, to request an appointment indicating what the problem is for which you go. In addition, you must also indicate if your iPhone is still under warranty or if, on the contrary, you no longer have the Apple warranty (unless you have previously contracted AppleCare). It will also be necessary to put your location to find the SAT that is closest to you.

The previous service they offer (questions about the device model, the guarantee, the problem, etc.) is very similar to what they offer you in an Apple Store. Although many people prefer to take their devices to official Apple stores even if they are not caught very close to home, there are times when you cannot use your device and need an urgent solution, so going to a SAT is a very good way to be able to put a quick solution with the same guarantees as if you go to an Apple Store.