iPhone apps with which to learn to play the drums

Drums are a musical instrument that can impress many people, although it can seem very complex to use. But you should know that if you want to cheer up, you will not need to buy books to learn, but you can simply install an application for your iPhone. In this article we show you the best options that can be found in the application store.

Can it be learned only with an iPhone app?

iPhone apps with which to learn to play the drums

This is one of the first questions you can ask yourself when wanting to learn to play the drums. This can be one of the cheapest options that can exist when it comes to learning. And the truth is that from our own experience we can learn the concepts that can be considered the most basic. That is, you will start playing the drums without any problem, but obviously there are some relevant exceptions.

Having an application is a method that can be ideal for people who are self-taught. However, sometimes it is necessary to receive a lesson from a teacher. That is why in these cases it must be taken into account that the applications that we are going to comment on can act as a complement to the classes that are being received in order to be able to practice. This is because in this article we are going to show applications of a different nature: to be able to learn with a virtual instrument, but also showing the different scores.

What to look for in these apps

There are many applications that can be found in the App Store whose mission is to teach users to use the battery. Although, it should be noted that those that are most appropriate should be chosen. For this, a series of points must be followed that are installation recommendations. These are as follows:

  • Updates: in any app it is important to give priority to those that have a constant update system. The fact that developers do not abandon a project, especially if it is paid, is something to be thankful for and to always keep in mind. That is why it is recommended to view the time that has elapsed since the last update applied.
  • How to instruct : when looking for a learning system, it is advisable to always have one that suits each of the users. That is why it should be previously review how it is taught with the application. You can find an option in which a virtual drum is shown to be able to play without having the physical drums in front of you. Although there are others in which a score is shown and you have to practice with your real drums.
  • Price: in this case we are facing one of the most important points when installing any type of application. In the case of applications aimed at teaching how to use the battery you can find a great variety. There are some options that are free, but they have options that are more limited. Now, if you want a more complete alternative, you should opt for those applications that are paid. Although it is always interesting to have a trial period in which to test the app so as not to make unnecessary expenses.

Recommended free options

In the App Store you can find really interesting options and for which you do not have to pay absolutely anything. These may be the most recommended in the event that it is the first time that you are venturing into the world of drums, since if you do not end up liking it you will not have spent money on this new hobby.

Drums – WeDrum Musical Drums


The application with which you will master the drums to perfection. WeDrum allows you to play the drums realistically thanks to the augmented reality mode. That is why you can place your virtual drum set in the best place in your home without buying expensive instruments. In this way, you will undoubtedly have the most immersive experience possible.

At first you will be able to select your favorite tune to play with the drum kit from a rich collection of songs belonging to a wide variety of musical genres. In order to not only listen to the drums, you can also choose a pianist, a guitarist and a vocalist to have an authentic assembled band. The ultimate goal is to keep up and earn the best score you can.

Drums – drums play music


This game acts as an ideal application to learn to play the drums. It is very easy to use, as it has an ultra realistic sound and feel. You just have to tap to hear the kick drum, cymbals, or clear snare. Everything has been designed by the developers to give the feeling of playing a real drum set, whether you are a beginner or a professional drummer.

You can learn tons of songs of all levels of difficulty. In each of the challenges that the application gives you, you can always practice and improve. Although if you already feel fully prepared you can create new songs with free mode. You will simply choose the drums of your style: rock, electro, djembe … As you progress, you will be able to see the results with a scoring system.

REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum


With this application you will be able to experience the true experience of playing the drums of any musical style. It’s free, fun, and easy to use. The application will transform the screen of your iPhone or your tablet into a realistic simulation of your battery. Your fingertips will magically transform into drumsticks to start playing to the beat of the music. Without a doubt it is one of the best options that can exist in the event that you do not want to spend money on a real battery.

REAL DRUM comes with 60 video tutorials to help you learn to play the drums. You can customize the pads of the application with your images and sounds. Without a doubt we are facing an application that is perfect and that will not bother the neighbors. If you want to create your own song, you will have at your disposal a recording mode at the highest quality and that can export the files in an MP3 format.

Musical Rhythm Coach


This is a tool that is ideal to be able to learn rhythmic skill, which is undoubtedly one of the most complicated sections that learning to play the drums can have. It contains a series of fun, field-tested exercises to help you master rhythmic skills. The metronome has a leading role to know how to use it correctly.

The service’s own developers state that whether you are self-taught or have a drum teacher, this is a recommended app. To be able to identify the songs with the ear this is also an essential application. In the scores you can also find different rhythmic notations that can always be interpreted with the help of this application that has a very good interface.

More complete alternatives on iPhone

In addition to these applications that we have been able to see, you can also find other options that are much more complete to learn efficiently. Although in this case you will find that the applications in general are not free. Here we show you these interesting alternatives.

Drum School


This is one of the best rated applications on the App Store to learn how to play the drums. It is a complete course that allows to enhance and expand the skills of musicians for both beginners and more advanced users. It has an extensive range of rhythms, exercises and workouts so you always have to do something to quickly raise your level with the drums. The problem is that you must have the instrument physically in front of you.

The main section of Drum School includes more than 300 drum rhythms that are very diverse. This provides standard drum notation with high-quality graphic in portrait or landscape format. There is also high-quality audio that comes from actual recordings that have been made of real drums. The time range can vary from 30 to 300 bpm without any type of hearing loss.

Learn to play Drums PRO


This is an application that is intended to be used in a group with your own band. That is, it is ideal to get together with those friends who also like music and want to start learning. This is a version that does not include advertising and that is completely unlocked so that your user experience is not disturbed. It is an ideal app for those who want to learn to play the bases of different styles without limiting themselves to just one.

That’s why seventy different lessons are included in the styles of rock, blues, jazz, funk, Latin music, and fusion. Each of these lessons is made up of four different sections. In this way, it will be tried to teach without saturating the user by dividing the lesson into the most important parts to assimilate them little by little. It is loaded with animations on the staff so that you can understand how music reads realistically.

TomPlay Sheet Music


Tool that offers you thousands of classical, jazz or pop music scores with backing tracks. In the purchases within the application you can find several courses among which the one dedicated to the battery itself stands out. The application’s catalog has hundreds of songs of different genres. Each of the pieces includes a professional recording of the rest of the group to accompany you in rehearsals.

TomPlay allows you to improvise on the tracks, while the Score mode offers you arrangements of the same song at different levels of difficulty. That is why we are facing a tool that can be used by beginners, but also by completely expert people. And if you want to sing while playing the drums, you will also be able to find scores with the most suitable keys.

Teach Yourself Drums


If you like theory, this application is ideal for you. It integrates numerous written lessons on how you should play the drums in a correct way. In addition, it has visual examples that can help you understand all the concepts. In these you can see how a score is interpreted so that you play it in an optimal way.

The only problem you may have is that it is completely in English. It does not have a translation into Spanish, so if you are a person who does not speak a second language, you will have problems understanding it. And if on the contrary it is an aspect that you do not care, without a doubt it is an application that deserves you to try to follow all its lessons.

Which one do we recommend

It has been seen that there are many options that can be found in the App Store, but we must keep two of them. The first one is Drums , which allows you to have a completely virtual drum set in front of you. You simply have to open your camera and use your fingers to have full access to the sounds that a real drummer can offer you. You will not need to make an extra expense at the beginning of your hobby to acquire a battery.

If you want higher quality lessons, we must definitely recommend Drum School, which acts as a true music school where you will find different lessons with a large repertoire of different styles. You will learn at all times to read the scores, to be able to finally apply the theory that is learned to practice. In this case you will always need to have a physical battery in front.