iPhone 9 Rumors: Release Date, Design and Features

At the end of March an Apple event was expected in which the company would present various products. This did not arrive, but we did have the surprise launch of the new iPad Pro. Now it is rumored that there will be a new launch, this time of the other great product expected in March: the new iPhone 9 . This is all we hope for.

iPhone 9 and its release date

If the latest rumors are true, a new iPhone would be released this April. The dates that are considered as most probable are April 15 and 22 . On the 15th the announcement would take place and on the 22nd it would be put on sale officially.

Is this information reliable? As always happens with all rumors regarding Apple, nothing is one hundred percent safe until the company announces it. But it is true that there are more and more indicators that it will happen.

The first is that it was already commented that at the last minute it had been decided to cancel his ad. Possibly due to the current situation. If you wanted to also present the new iPad Pro, two products at the same time did not seem a good idea seeing how commercial activity in physical stores has been interrupted and the issue of non-essential shipments has been reduced. So, better do it in stages and since the iPad Pro is already on the street, now it seems to be a good time for a new release.

The second is that there are already manufacturers of cases with a model that clearly indicates New iPhone 4.7 ″ 2020. So, knowing that on many other occasions these manufacturers have given the final leak of new devices, everything seems to indicate that It will happen sooner rather than later.

Anyway, leaving aside the exact date and name, the important thing is to know what it will offer and that it should arrive this month.

What to expect from the new iPhone 9

We are going to continue calling it iPhone 9 and we are going to comment on everything that, based on rumors, this new Apple phone is expected to be.

For starters, the new iPhone 9 will be a substitute for the current iPhone 8 . This would mean that the iPhone range would be made up of the iPhone 9, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Therefore, the approximate price of this new terminal would be around 539 euros (current price of the iPhone 8).

Ok, it would not be that desired cheap iPhone that many still dream of. But according to the benefits it would have, it would be a great purchase option for many users looking for the iOS experience without going to the prices of recent models close to 1,000 euros.

In terms of design, physically it would be very similar to the iPhone 8. There were some leaks that make it somewhat closer to the iPhone 4 or current iPad, with more square edges and not so rounded, but it is not a priori very likely. We’ll see. What it does seem that we will see is two new iPhone 9 on the table according to the code of the last beta of iOS. One would include a 4.7-inch screen and the second a 5.8-inch screen.

Image via igeeksblog.com

There will not be an all-screen front or FaceID, the unlock system will remain TouchID , so it would retain that physical button on the front that for years marked the iPhone.

What would be updated is the processor, the chip it would use would be the same as the current iPhone 11: the Apple Bionic 13 . This would be a very important point for the terminal, because it would not be limited by power when executing any current application.

Where there will be differences from the latest models will be in the camera, although with a single sensor in the case of the smallest model and two in the largest screen, it is expected to be the same seen on the iPhone XR. Of course it would be great if they integrated those seen on the iPhone 11.

In one way or another, if everything is confirmed and met, this new iPhone could be a great option for many users. You would not take the latest, and if you can bet on the iPhone 11 our recommendation would be to do it, but a good performance and iOS as a system is the only thing that many users need.