The iPhone 2020 Could Have an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

Since Apple decided to dispense with the Touch ID from the iPhone X onwards, there have been many rumors that Apple has opted to include this fingerprint sensor in another way. This idea has been reinforced with a new report that states that the iPhone 2020 will integrate this technology into its screens.

Economic Daily News has echoed a couple of reports stating that Apple would have sent a representative to meet with the Taiwanese display manufacturer GIS. Specifically from the Cupertino company they would have in mind to be able to use Qualcomm’s ultrasonic sensors in one of the models of the iPhone 2020 although if they do not arrive for this year it could end up delaying until 2021.

The iPhone 2020 could finally have a fingerprint sensor on the screen

If we look at competing models that include these fingerprint readers under the screen we can see that there are ultrasonic sensors and optical sensors. While the optical sensors depend on the light on the iPhone screen to create a 2D image of the fingerprint, the ultrasonic sensors use high-frequency waves to generate a 3D image of the fingerprints.

Apple would bet on ultrasonic sensors like the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy Note 10, but in a much more advanced way than we have seen so far. Specifically according to the information the scanner would occupy much more surface than the Samsung Galaxy S10.

We would see with good eyes that finally go to bed to include this technology on the screen since there are some situations in which the Face ID is not the best option. We believe that both systems are not incompatible and as long as they give users more choice, we must be totally happy.

There are some rumors that this would be a very interesting solution to be able to get an iPhone that is all screen eliminating the notch. The only negative we can find to this is that we will no longer have a facial recognition system but we can say goodbye to the eyebrow that bothers us so much. We must begin to think that if we really want to eliminate the aesthetic impediments of the iPhone we must give up something and that ‘something’ can be the Face ID. The other solution to eliminate the eyebrow but keep the facial recognition system is to introduce the cameras under the screen but it is a technology that will arrive over time.

Time will tell, but it is possible that in 2020 we will see a fingerprint recognition system on the last iPhone presented.

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