iPhone 15 Pro ProMotion Screen: Is Disabling It Worth the Battery Savings?

The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max feature a stunning 120 Hz ProMotion screen, renowned for delivering smoother scrolling and enhanced responsiveness. However, this feature is known to be a battery drain. The question arises: Is it worth disabling ProMotion to potentially extend battery life and reduce wear and tear on the device? Let’s delve into the results of a test to find out.

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Understanding ProMotion

ProMotion technology enhances the user experience by providing smoother content movement and greater responsiveness. It achieves this by adjusting the screen refresh rate, ranging from 1 Hz (in Always On mode) to 120 Hz (when reading content or playing games).

Disabling ProMotion: Initial Results

La Manzana Mordida’s editorial team conducted a test by disabling ProMotion, reducing the refresh rate to 60 Hz. The result? An approximately 5% increase in battery life. While the battery improvement was minimal, it came at the cost of a less enjoyable user experience.

A Deeper Dive: Gaming Test

To gain more precise insights, a comprehensive gaming test was conducted. The test involved playing the same game, Oceanhorn 2, on the iPhone 15 Pro for two hours. The first session had ProMotion enabled, while the second session had it disabled.

Here, notable differences emerged. With ProMotion turned off, battery consumption was approximately halved. The increased battery life was due to the lower frame rate, which reduced the strain on the processor and its resource demands.

To Disable or Not to Disable: The Gray Area

The decision to disable ProMotion or leave it enabled isn’t a straightforward one; it falls into a spectrum of possibilities. Your choice should align with your usage patterns and priorities, considering both battery life and device longevity.

When Not to Disable ProMotion

  • For general day-to-day use, it’s not advisable to disable ProMotion. The 5% increase in battery life won’t significantly extend your active screen time, likely adding just 20-25 minutes. Given the current charging cycle parameters, it’s more practical to charge the device before it drops to 20%.

When to Consider Disabling ProMotion

  • If you’re a gamer and want to preserve your device’s long-term health, disabling ProMotion while playing games on battery power may be beneficial. While the gaming experience may be slightly diminished, the gain in your device’s overall lifespan can be significant.

In conclusion, the decision to disable ProMotion on your iPhone 15 Pro depends on your usage patterns and priorities. For everyday use, the minimal battery savings likely don’t justify the trade-off in user experience. However, for gaming and device longevity concerns, disabling ProMotion during gaming sessions on battery power can be a sensible choice.